Power facts

Power facts

"power cuts sweep africa" newspaper board

*Africa accounts for 13% of the world's population, but accounts for only 5% of global energy consumption.

*Africa's energy reserves are plentiful: It has nearly 8% of the world's proven gas reserves; nearly 10% of the world's oil; an estimated 13% of hydro-electric potential; and almost limitless sunshine!

*56% of the energy consumed in Africa comes from firewood; it's predicted that by the year 2030, the figure will have come down, but wood burning will still account for nearly half the energy used.

*Africa generates just 3% of the world's electricity; South Africa generates more than 40% of the electricity produced in Africa. More than 25% is generated in the five countries of north Africa.

*Across the continent, one third of people have access to electricity; in sub-Saharan Africa alone, the figure falls to a quarter; in rural areas, the number is even lower: Fewer than 10% can turn on power at the flick of a switch.

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