Africa Energy Week

Africa Energy Week

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  • Just how much energy does Africa need and how much does it use? What kind of resources does the continent hold?

4th - 10th May 2008

Powering up

Africa's energy resources are plentiful yet it accounts for just a small percentage of global energy consumption.

In this week of special programming we focus on Africa's energy requirements and the different energy sources available on the continent.

We ask how these sources can best be exploited to provide enough affordable power to reach every African, and put an end to the power shortages and black-outs that many people around the continent currently endure. Pete Lewenstein sets the scene.

Listen 2 mins 52 secs

Energy provision is vital to the development of Africa and each day this week we will focus on an individual type of energy source and consider the issues that surround the exploitation of its potential.

Monday - Fossil fuels

Tuesday - Solar energy

Wednesday - Hydro & wind power

Thursday - Bio-fuels

Friday - Nuclear power

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