Mr and Mrs President

Mr and Mrs President

The Resident Presidents

Network Africa's first couple

The president is ill so the first lady steps in. (19/04/08)

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Would Jambo allow the Olympic torch to pass through his country? (12/04/08)

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The first couple can't stomach rebels with the runs. (05/04/08)

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March 2008

Who is the preferred US presidential candidate? (29/03/08)

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Jambo is penning a premature letter of congratulations. (22/03/08)

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Who's the rich baritone telling jokes to Jellybean? (16/03/08)

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Cuddles the first couple's dog leads a charmed life. (08/03/08)

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What ministries should Jambo give women mps? (23/02/08)

3 mins 16 secs

Jellybaby considers a nip'n'tuck. (01/03/08)

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February 2008

There is something of a shoe crisis at State House (16/02/08)

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The first lady has a new friend. (09/02/08)

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The campaign of Hillary Clinton (02/02/08)

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