Resident Presidents Apr-Jun 07

Resident Presidents Apr-Jun 07

illustration by Frank Odoi

These episodes of the Resident Presidents were broadcast between April and June 2007.

14th April 2007

Olushambles has gone quiet so Kibarkingmad has sought out an old friend - President Chukwuchiki - he is more than willing to fill the breach.

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21st April 2007

Chukwuchiki and Kibarkingmad consider what qualities of leadership are required to fulfil Nigeria's presidential job description.

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28th April 2007

The global threat generated from a cow's bottom and doing deals with Herr Mercedes Benz keep our chiefs in conversational fodder this week.

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5th May 2007

Baggy Trousers, Gorgeous Guillaume, Diving Didier and the progress of peace in Ivory Coast, occupy the thoughts of the presidential gentlemen this week.

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12th May 2007

Chukwuchiki wants to swat away a pesky Kibarkingmad who is set on baffling his colleague with his scientific knowledge about mosquitoes.

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19th May 2007

There's new man in France's Elysee Palace and our peerless leaders are belting out the French national anthem in his honour; can they make Msr Sarkozy a friend for Africa?

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26th May 2007

The recent widowing of a Sudanese man by a goat called Rose has our leaders bleating with laughter.

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2nd June 2007

Kibarkingmad is writing a letter of support to the retiring British Prime Minister Tony Blair; presidential co-hort, Chukwuchiki is helping out with the wording.

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9th June 2007

The actions of the Niger Delta rebels in Nigeria have Kibarkingmad and Chukwuchiki in animated discussion this week; they decide that perhaps kidnapping has a positive side.

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16th June 2007

The relations between America and Russia and the tightness of the leaders' underpants are causing concern to our resident presidents this week.

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23rd June 2007

Chukwuchiki and Kibarkingmad have been listening to the BBC Teachers in Africa season. It's all a bit liberal for this pair from the old-school.

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30th June 2007

Do your know your Bible? It seems Chukwuchiki and Kibarkingmad are quoting tracts this week trying to match the theological rigour of Frederick Chiluba.

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