Resident Presidents Jan-Mar 07

Resident Presidents Jan-Mar 07

Illustration by Frank Odoi

These episodes of the Resident Presidents were broadcast between January to March 2007.

6th January 2007
Fond memories of a kind and well-mannered man, always gentle with children and cats. Olushambles and Kibarkingmad reflect on Saddam Hussein's death.

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13th January 2007
Our presidents believe there may be another motive behind the Ethiopian leader, Meles Zenawi's decision to commit his troops to military intervention in Somalia.

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20th January 2007
Brittania rules the waves? Not any more, says an infuriated Olushambles, raging about the hypocrisy of quashing an enquiry into a British arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

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27th January 2007
Our big men are poring over a map of Africa, Olushambles is quite taken with the look of Chad, what with its lovely blue lake and attractive wiggly bits.

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3rd February 2007
Claims by Gambian President Yahyah Jammeh that he can cure Aids with the laying-on of hands, cause Olushambles and Kibarkingmad a great deal of amusement.

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10th February 2007
God has been talking to Kibarkingmad about his time in power and has authorised an indeterminate presidential term - rather like he did with Guinea's President Conte.

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17th February 2007
The big fellas turn their attention to Africa's prisons - Olushambles thinks he has the answer to the overcrowding and poor conditions that recently gave rise to a jail break in Brazzaville.

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24th February 2007
Listen out for some singing this week as the presidents prepare to wish Ghana a happy 50th anniversary of independence. Naturally though, it's not all benevolent good wishes.

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3rd March 2007
They're celebrating again this week - Robert Mugabe is 83 and in fine fettle - a marvel to our big men, but they do have concerns about the functionality of his "thingamee".

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10th March 2007
A Liberian minister resigns amidst torrid newspaper headlines and explicit snaps of his extra-marital activities. The big men aren't going to let that one go without comment, are they?

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17th March 2007
Olushambles and Kibarkingmad have issues with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and of course, they have views to share with us on the on-going gay clergy row.

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24th March 2007
The rest of the African continent may have embraced and gone running with the mobile phone revolution - but not Olushambles - all that chatting seems to be making him paranoid.

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31st March 2007
Kibarkingmad is disturbed by the continent's poor image abroad and thinks Africa is ripe for rebranding, so Network's very own Soul Brothers step up to transform international opinion.

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