What is BBC Global News?

What is BBC Global News?

BBC Global News output includes our international television, radio and international-facing news websites.

The division comprises:

BBC World Service is our international radio and online service in 33 languages and is publicly funded by a Parliamentary Grant-in-Aid (not the Licence Fee).

BBC World is our international news and information television channel and is commercially funded by advertising and distribution (not the Licence Fee), operating in English around the world (and Japanese for Japan).

BBC Monitoring offers open source monitoring of TV, radio, web and print media around the world and is funded by stakeholders (not the Licence Fee) encompassing British government departments (via the Cabinet Office) and the BBC. BBCM is an important part of the BBC's newsgathering operation.

BBC News website (international version) www.bbcnews.com

BBC World Service Trust is the BBC's independent international charity, within World Service, delivering media projects outside the UK and is funded on a project-by-project basis from different sources (not the Licence Fee), such as British government departments, NGOs, other charities, UN departments, etc.

The reason the Global News operations are identified separately within one division is that they all operate quite separately and are very differently funded, with a need to maintain transparency in funding (such as between commercial and public service operations). Global News is not funded by the Licence Fee.