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Script to introduce the film

In this film 16 year-old Thomas Hircock from Philadelphia, USA talks to the BBC about a charity he started, to buy bicycles for schoolchildren in India.

Thomas first visited India when he was 12 years old and was shocked by the poverty he saw there.

While he was in India he spoke to some schoolchildren from a local school in Rajasthan. Some of the pupils there told him they needed bikes to get to classes that were up to 20 miles away from their homes.

When he went home to Philadelphia, Thomas and his family started a fundraising campaign at his school. During the first year they sent eight bicycles to India, and the Bike Club charity has now sent a total of 400 bikes to schools in India.

Thomas, now 16, explains why he set up his own charity

Show the film and use the discussion prompts afterwards.

Where do the bikes in the film get sent to?

How many bikes have been sent so far?

Why do you think the children Thomas talked to asked for bikes?

Why do you think Thomas helps these children?

If you were starting a charity what would you send to people? Why?

Why do you think Thomas always likes to be the person who gives the children their bikes?

Has the film inspired you to help others?

How important do you think charity is?

What have you done to help others where you live?

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