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This assembly is designed for use with KS3 and GCSE pupils.

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What does becoming an academy really mean for schools?

Script to introduce the film

This BBC School Report film follows Sam, Luke and Tom from Culverhay School in Bath.

In the UK, many state schools are becoming 'academies'. In the film the boys look at how becoming an academy will affect their school in the future.

By talking to the man overseeing the move Sam, Luke and Tom find out more about the kind of changes it will bring for them.

Show film and use the discussion prompts afterwards. Email if you would like to download a copy of this film.

What points do pupils who talk in the film make about the changes which are happening to Culverhey? (Hint: new name, new uniform, girls, importance of the community identity)

What do you like about your school? What would you like to change?

How do you share your opinions in school? Do you talk to other pupils about the school? Do you talk to the teachers? Or the Head Teacher?

Do you think it is important to share your opinions in school? Why, or why not?

How does your school compare to the one shown in the film?

In the film the boys mention that everyone walks to school and that Culveryhay School is very important to the local community. How important is your school to your community? Why?

Different generations of families have attended Culveryhay School - is your school similar to this or is it new? Do you like it this way?

Can you think of an example of something which has happened in your school, in which pupils had a say? Or even took the lead? (For example, a putting on a school event; some schools ask pupils to interview teachers.)

What difference does it make if pupils' views are taken into account?

Have you helped to make any changes in your school? How?

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