World Food Day


This assembly is designed for use with KS3 and GCSE level pupils.

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Script to introduce the film

This is a BBC Scotland news film about Martha, a schoolgirl from Argyll and Bute, whose blog about her school dinners became an internet hit.

Martha's blog has raised more than £100,000 for a charity providing food for children in Africa.

Martha recently travelled to Malawi to see how the money she helped raise through her blog is being spent.

Show film and use the discussion prompts afterwards.

Martha visits a school in Malawi

Do you think that World Food Day raises awareness of issues faced by people around the world? Why?

World Food Day Facts

  • World Food Day started in 1979
  • World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16th
  • The theme of World Food Day 2012 is 'Agricultural cooperatives - key to feeding the world'

Do you think that the free school meals make a difference to the Malawian children's school day? Why?

The Malawian children in the video wake up early in the morning and complete chores before going to school, do you have similar responsibilities? If not how well do you think you could cope with them?

How do the experiences of the Malawian children contrast with your own school life? Do you think they have different priorities?

In the video Ben shows Martha how to carry water on her head, the children in Malawi learn to do this from as young as three years old. Do you think you could have dealt with that kind of responsibilty at such a young age? Why/why not?

Martha and her family turned down offers from Hollywood and instead chose to visit Malawi. If you were in the same situation would have made the same choice? Why?

Are you inspired by anything you have seen in the film? Why?

Do you have concerns about food in your community? What are they?

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