Poetry: Archaeologists of the FutureHillhead Primary School - Archaeologists of the Future Watch

In this film, Hillhead Primary School pupils imagine what conclusions on their lives archaeologists in the distant future would make upon digging up their currency, mobile phones and school uniforms.

Hillhead Primary SchoolPoetry: Destinations Watch

In this film, the students perform poems inspired by the destinations in and around their school.

Authors Live: Illustration slamCommonwealth Day: Illustration Slam

With illustrators Debi Gliori, Chris Riddell, Piet Grobler and Commonwealth Class ambassador Eilidh Child.

Khaitan Public School, Queen's Baton Relay, Commonwealth ClassQBR: Khaitan Public School

Celebrate the launch of the Queens Baton Relay

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  • Commonwealth Class: St Cedds, debate photographTeacher's guide

    Get the most out of Commonwealth Class live debate sessions

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