Legacy of a golden summer


This assembly is designed for pupils at Key Stage 3 level or GCSE

Script to introduce the film

This is a BBC News film about the athletes' victory parade - an open-topped bus procession held in London, to celebrate the achievements of British athletes at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Hundreds of thousands of people turned up to cheer Team GB, who exceeded expectations in both the Olympics and Paralympics.

Legacy of a golden summer

Show film and use the discussion prompts afterwards. Email worldclass@bbc.co.uk if you would like to download a copy of this film.

How many of the athletes in this film can you name? (Main athletes featured: Tom Daley, Sarah Storey, Mark Colbourne, Ed McKeever, Jessica Ennis, Chris Hoy, David Weir, Mo Farah)

How many of you watched the Olympics on TV? And how many watched the Paralympics? (Show of hands)

How many of you saw some disability sport for the first time? Was it what you expected? Were there any sports you would like to see again?

Do you think the Paralympics changed the way people think about people with disabilities? If so, how? Has it changed the way you think about people with disabilities?

The Team GB athletes were very successful at the both Games. Do you think it matters or not that they won medals?

The 'legacy' of the Games is very important to the Games organisers, as when Britain bid to host the Games, it made a promise to provide a sporting legacy afterwards. What does this mean?

Do you think the Olympics and the Paralympics should be separate events?

And finally… What was the best bit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

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