Olympic and Paralympic Values: Inspiration week

On June 11, World Class kicked off seven weeks of Olympic-themed content in our buildup to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Here, you can catch up with all the action from week six, in which we showcased the value of 'Inspiration'.

You can use the tabs at the head of the page to explore our films, assemblies and live debates around the topic of inspiration.

If you missed any of our content, it's all here. Let's take a look at the week's highlights:

World Class 'inspiration' highlights:

Nepalese children enjoy a school lunch Nepalese children enjoy a school lunch
New Schools World Service film

Nepal is one of the hilliest countries in the world. The Nepalese people say that if it was flat it would be almost the same size as the USA!

Most of the population live in remote areas, hours from the nearest town or shop so many grow their own food. But growing enough to live on is a real challenge.

Ben Thompson and the World Class team have made a journey to one of the world's remotest places to visit a school in Nepal where feeding is as important as reading.

Make sure you catch up with this inspiring story about the difference school lunches make to these children's future.

Interactive discussion on 'inspiration'
Pupils from Makina cluster around their laptop during the 'inspiration' debate! Pupils from Makina cluster around their laptop during the 'inspiration' debate!

The stars of this week's debates were undoubtedly our special guests!

In the morning session, we were joined by Makina Self-Help Primary School from Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

The school are also a beneficiary of the World Food Programme's free lunches programme, and were able to answer questions from other schools around the world about how school life had been transformed as a result.

You can find out more about the school by clicking the 'Inspiration in Kenya' tab above.

In the afternoon, Fairlands Middle School, stars of the 'torch visit' film (see below)joined the debate.

It was fantastic hearing from them about how the relay had inspired the school, and they offered an excellent perspective on inspiration as an Olympic Value.

The two schools kick-started fantastic, vibrant debates involving further schools from countries including India, Nepal, Mexico, Cyprus and the UK.

The debate is well worth a look and is available in the tab list at the head of this page. A huge thanks to the effort and creativity from everyone involved!

Inspiration assemblies launched
Pupils in Cheddar, Somerset hold their own torch relay in their village. Pupils in Cheddar, Somerset hold their own torch relay in their village.

This week, we released different assemblies for primary and secondary pupils.

For our KS2 assembly, we travelled to Somerset, where two schools were bringing the Olympic experience into their own village.

As part of their World Sports Day celebrations, Cheddar First School and Fairlands Middle School decided to foster Olympic spirit by holding their own mini-relay with a specially designed 'torch'.

Our KS3 assembly focussed on Nepal, and the benefits seen from the free lunches provided to schools in remote areas there by the World Food Programme.

The assembly pack features a BBC News film on the issue, and questions designed to help students think more about the impact of such programmes in impoverished areas.

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