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    Late update: A belated email from The Sagar School in Rajasthan, India, who have held their own assembly on the topic of 'inspiration'!

    They tell us: "The Sagar School dedicated one special assembly towards Inspiration on 18 July 2012.

    "The program followed a series of presentations and talks in which students and Principal expressed their views on inspiration as one of the values of Paralympics."

    "The presentation included information about the Paralympics, the Paralympic Values, and videos and auotations on 'Inspiration'.

    Great work guys!

    The Sagar School students in their inspiration assembly The Sagar School students in their inspiration assembly


    That's a wrap - we're bringing our second debate of the day on 'Inspiration' to a close. Fantastic work everyone - another really successful debate with some fascinating ideas.

    Since the end of term is fast approaching for many UK schools, we think it's appropriate to give the last word to teacher from Bedford Academy and Fairlands Middle School, both of whom have been brilliant in our debates.

    Peter Elmy at Fairlands tells us that, "Today's live text is fantastic. So wonderful for our pupils here at Fairlands Middle School in Cheddar, England, to be able to play such a part in this and be sharing live with children from around the world.

    This World Class activity is Inspiration in itself!"

    And Michael Cox at Bedford adds: "Its our last week of school before the holidays, we would just like to say a big thank you for involving us in the BBC Value discussions and to all the schools around the world who have taken part!

    They have truely INSPIRED us all and we cant wait to get back in September to work with our partner school in Kenya and to achieve all we can in our own education."

    World Class echo those sentiments. We'll see some of you next week for our final debates on equality - but for now, bye-bye!


    Ben from Fairlands writes: "All Olympians and Paralympians inspire him but especially Oscar Pistorius as he can almost run as fast as able-bodied athletes."

    Ben thinks that quite a lot of athletes have had tough childhoods and it must have been important to them that their family was with them.


    Students Ebony and Effie at St Mary Magdalene School in London, UK write:

    Ebony writes: "I believe that everyone is inspirational but they just don't realise as things we do affect or could affect others, for example if I was to smile at a grumpy person I would possibly inspire them to be nice to others and that's why I try to always smile ;)"

    Effie says: "When I was inspired to play an instrument because I liked (and still like) music and some of my friends played instruments too. It was hard and required a lot of effort and motivation and had ups and downs but I stuck to it."


    Bedford Academy have been watching the 'Mini-torch relay' film! (See right)

    The students there tell us: "The Olympic Torch recently came through Bedford and we are really happy that Fairlands Middle have done a great job inspiring students through the torch relay, especially young students.

    Who knows when the Olympics will be back in the UK?!"


    More from students at our guest school today - Fairlands Middle School in the UK.

    Jess thinks that it is really inspirational when the kids in Nepal are so welcoming and happy because our lives are much easier and we have more priviledges.

    Olivia thinks that the Paraolympians should have an equal chance to take part in the Games at the same time as the able-bodied athletes because they shouldn't be separated just because they have a disability. What do you think?

    Lucy wants to know if having watched our Mendip torch video would you do something like this in your community?


    Fabulous debate so far everyone - keep it up!

    We'll be wrapping up in about 10 minutes so get your comments in now, especially if you've got any questions for the stars of the mini-torch relay film at Fairlands Middle School.


    We love the torch relay film from Fairlands! So many children and so many flags. Congratulations to everyone who took part and for making the wonderful torches you carried through the village. If you haven't had a chance to watch it:

    Inspired by sport


    Lakiesha from Bedford Academy sent us a question for Ben Thompson (1424): "Would Ben have got where he was today if he had gone to school in Nepal and had one meal a day?"

    Well, we don't quite know the answer to that, but Ben has offered us this thoughts: "Since my journey to Nepal, I've been thinking about trying something new.

    "A friend of mine travels to Africa to build schools and does it every couple of years. I've been speaking to him about going too."

    Ben with some of the food shipped in for the Dalla pupils Ben with some of the food shipped in for the Dalla pupils

    Luke and Dawid at Townhill Junior School in the UK write:

    "We think the children are very grateful to look forward to food that to us is a bit boring. We are going to try to enjoy our food more."


    Pupils at Fairlands respond to the comments they're reading in the debate:

    Bradley says: "I feel that the athletes were pushed forward to achieve their goals by their families."

    Zoe says: "Watching the other videos has been great. We would like someone to comment on our Mendip Torch video please."


    Students at St Mary Magdalene Academy in London, UK have been thinking about the people they'd like to inspire:

    "We would like to inspire people that feel that they don't have much hope or big ambitions because we think it is important that you believe in yourself to achieve your goals, to get the best out of life. Ebony thinks that 'anything is possible' but Effie thinks it is cheesy yet motivational."


    We just wanted to highlight something we think is pretty great - Colegio Newland appear to be wearing special 'World Class' t-shirts for their debate!

    We've zoomed in on the pic from their 1453 entry to help you take a closer look:

    Newlands pupils show their World Class shirts! Newlands pupils show their World Class shirts!

    Unbelievable work guys!


    Hannah from Fairlands says she agrees with Chelsea at Bedford Academy because inspiration is about their personality and how they are determined to be better than they already are and for some it's to have a PB - personal best - and for others it's to be number one in the world like Usain Bolt!


    Braydon at Townhill Junior School in Southampton, UK says:

    "I am impressed with the attitude of the children from Nepal who are so positive about their food even though it is the same every day."


    Colegio Newland in Mexico have this to say in response to Ben Thompson's messages (1443): "What a wonderful experience that Ben Thompson tells us about.

    "It seems a big challenge to make videos like 'Food for thought', because it involves a lot of personal commitment. It inspires. Thanks Ben!"

    Colegio Newland pupils take part in the World Class debate! Colegio Newland pupils take part in the World Class debate!

    Michael a year 9 pupil at Bedford Academy in Bedfordshire, UK says:

    "We dont think that Paralympians try harder than Olympians. We feel that they both try equally as hard and that Paralympians should not be treated differently than Olympians."


    Some more comments from Townhill Junior School in Southampton, UK!

    Kiran and Ethan think that, "It is not fair for the children in Nepal to only get one meal a day, which is hardly anything. People in England get about three meals a day. We might raise some money to get the chidren some better food.

    Cameron and Owen wonder, "How the children get to school in Nepal. It is easy for me to get to school. I think it is harder for the children in Nepal to get to school, because they don't have cars.

    Also the roads don't look busy but they do look dangerous."


    Chelsea, a year 9 at Bedford Academy in Bedfordshire, UK says: "Inspiration is not necessarily what the person does or has done, some people are just inspired by personalities and looks."


    Lily and Florence, pupils at Townhill Junior School in Southampton, UK have been watching the film 'Food for Thought' on the World Class website.

    "We can't believe the trucks have to go on such deadly roads for the children to have their food delivered. We think the roads should be safer. Now we should feel good for the food we get. All we have to do is go to a shop."


    Jess from Fairlands Middle School responds to our question (1429).

    She thinks that, "All the athletes show all the qualities of the Values but the Paralympic athletes show them more because they have to work harder!"

    Good point! Fairlands have also sent this cracking group shot from their classroom - great work guys!

    Fairlands debating team! Fairlands debating team!

    Hannah at Fairlands Middle School has been reading other people's comments and writes:

    "They are inspirational in their own right because they are still determined and still have courage to be there. However, some are not as inspirational as others because they think they are going to win easily and they don't try as hard as they could."


    Jess from Fairlands Middle School says she is inspired by Paralympians because they have to try harder than everybody else. "If they can do it so can I!"

    Emily says, "Inspiration is a Paralympic Value because it shows you that even when you are going through tough times you can always look up to somebody!"

    And Jack was inspired by his local judo club, where he participates with other children who are blind, and do judo as well!


    Here's more from Ben Thompson, who visited Nepal for our 'Food for thought' film (right). Remembering his own school lunches, he tells us:

    "Sometimes I take lots of things for granted. Like being able to eat lunch or having enough to drink. When I was at school, I had a packed lunch and was always excited to see what my mum or dad had made for me every day.

    "There were always sandwiches, some fruit and a yoghurt. Some days I also got a chocolate biscuit.

    "The children in Dalla only get one meal a day - the one we filmed in our report."

    Pupils receive school lunches in Dalla, Nepal Pupils receive school lunches in Dalla, Nepal

    Michael a year 9 pupil from Bedford Academy in Bedfordshire in the UK says:

    "We feel that Olympic and Paralympic athletes are inspiring, we were wondering who inspires those that inspire?!"


    Many students are inspired by sportsmen and women. More Fairlands pupils share their thoughts about the people who inspire them.

    Lucy is inspired by Darcey Bussel, the British ballerina because of her amazing dancing.

    Laura says she is inspired by Beth Tweddle the British gymnast because she never gives up!

    Eleanor says she is also inspired by Ellie Simmonds, the Paralympian swimmer because she never gives up and she is always up for a challenge.


    Charlie from Townhill Junior School, in Southampton, UK, has been watching the 'Food for thought' film.

    "I used moan about the food I was given that I didn't like", he says. "Now I have learnt that I am lucky to have roast dinners and curry, I will try to always eat my food."

    We think World Class deserves a thank you from Charlie's parents, don't you?


    More thoughts from Fairlands pupils about the people who inspire them:

    Archie is inspired by Usain Bolt because he is an amazing runner and he trained in the streets.

    Hannah is inspired by her sister who has back problems but still continues to participate in triathlon events and she would like to inspire her cousin who has just started swimming.

    Jess says she would like to inspire her sister as they enjoy the same hobbies.

    Who inspires you, and who would you like to inspire?


    Lakiesha from Year 9 at Bedford Academy tells us: "We feel that Paralympic athletes are not only inspirational, they display every single Olympic and Paralympic Value".

    Interesting point! Are you saying that the Olympic athletes perhaps don't display all the Values? If so, why not? Are they still inspirational?


    Upasana at Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal - not the school in our Food for Thought film - is inspired by the composer Beethoven.

    She writes: "I was surprised that he wrote his greatest pieces after he was deaf. It showed me that nothing can come between you and what you love to do. I hope I will also do everything with passion and someday inspire others."

    Who or what inspires you?


    We've received a special message from Ben Thompson, who travelled to Dalla to make our 'Food for thought' film (see right).

    "After almost three days of traveling, on bumpy, winding roads, we were tired, hungry and a little bit grumpy when we arrived at the school in Dalla", he tells us.

    "But as soon as we got there, all the pupils, their parents and their teachers welcomed us with flower necklaces, songs and dances that they'd prepared specially for us.

    "It cheered us up straight away! It made me realise that even though many of the children and their families didn't have much - and some were very hungry - they made a big effort to make us feel welcome in their home."

    If you haven't seen that film yet, check it out.

    Ben, right, with the Dalla pupils Ben, right, with the Dalla pupils

    More reaction from pupils at Colegio Newland in Queratero, Mexico:

    "We can not agree more with the students from Kamla Nehru because it is true that the inspiration must be expressed under ordinary circumstances, not necessarily extraordinary."


    Chelsea and Lakiesha at Bedford Academy in Bedfordshire in the UK have a question for Fairlands pupils:

    "People who are inspirational are not inspirational on purpose, they were determined to fullfil their dreams and people find that inspirational. Would you like to be one of those who inspires others and how would you go about doing this?"


    Students at Townhill Junior School in Southampton in the UK have been reading the comments made by students in Nepal and watching the video Food for Thought on the right.

    Chelsey and Shanay write: "I have been inspired by the children in the school in Nepal. They make the most out of what they have got and they help each other. We are inspired to make the most out of what we have got."


    A World Class shout-out to St Mary's Primary School in Kent, UK, who took part this morning (see 0911).

    They are welcoming the Olympic Torch to Kent around about now and watching the inspirational people carrying it - good luck guys!


    Many people are inspired by their teachers. Mansi at KIIT World School in Delhi, India writes:

    "Our Principal Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia is our greatest source of inspiration.Our day begins with her short motivational assembly stories which propels us to meet the challenges of the day."


    A statement of intent from Bedford Academy in Bedfordshire, UK! They tweet: "Bedford Academy is back, and feeling inspired! #worldclassvalues"


    More from Fairlands Middle School in Somerset, UK - Hannah does triathlon and is 12 years old. She started triathlon because she saw the Brownlee brothers and Helen Jenkins competing and they inspired her!

    Ashton thinks that, "Inspiration is important to everybody because no matter how famous we are, we will always be inspired by someone!"

    Some great points coming through there!


    Ishan at Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal writes: "I would like to be someone that is not only inspired but also inspires."

    Who inspires you? And who would you like to inspire?


    Let's hear from some of the Fairlands students, who are taking part in the debate and are also on hand to field any questions from you about their 'mini torch relay' (see film, right).

    Laura, who has been thinking about our debate points (top of page) says, "Inspiration is a Paralympic Value because Paralympians can do exactly the same sports as anybody else and that is inspiring!"

    And Holly thinks Inspiration is a Paralympic Value because, "Even though Paralympians have disabilities they still carry on and do what they love!"


    Matthew, also a student at St John's School in Cyprus writes: "Another one of my inspirations is all paraplegic olympians.

    They are so inspirational as they strive for excellence and to be the best they can be, even through the devastatingly hard times in their life. I hope I can be as inspiring one day."


    Our BBC colleague in the Olympics office, Kevin Bishop, is at Heathrow today, watching athletes from around the world arrive ahead of the Londond 2012 Olympic Games.

    He tweets: "#worldclassvalues An inspiration to their whole country - Somalia's only 2 Olympic athletes arriving in London today."

    Somalia's entire Olympic team - comprised of just two athletes - arriving at Heathrow Somalia's entire Olympic team - comprised of just two athletes - arriving at Heathrow

    Adrian at St John's School in Cyprus has been thinking about the people who inspire him.

    He says: "My Dad and many other military personnel inspire because of the determination and courage they show every day in war zones, even though they are thousands of miles away from home and their families.

    Many injured personnel show inspiration to me, beacuse they plough on every day disgarding their injuries or past, to show everyone with injuries that anything is possible."


    Joining now as well are pupils from Colegio Newland in Queratero, Mexico, so hello to them!

    They tell us: "What inspires us are all actions that are good for society and positively transform people, so we wanted to follow that example.

    "People who inspire are role models and we hope that every day there are more, so we young people, can have a positive guidance and gradually make the world a better place to live."

    A great comment. What do you think? Do you have a role model, or would you like to be one yourself?

    Students at Danville Park Girls High School Making toys for Mandela Day

    Students from Danville Park Girls High School in Durban, South Africa are donating 67 minutes of their day to make toys for a children's home to mark International Nelson Mandela Day.

    It is Mandela's 94th birthday today. Nelson Mandela spent 67 years "making the world a better place" so people around the world who have been inspired by him, have been asked to donate 67 minutes of their lives to do something good.


    Welcome back!

    Just 10 minutes to go before we kick off our afternoon discussion on 'inspiration', so get in touch!

    A reminder to post your questions for Fairlands Middle School, stars of the 'mini-torch relay' film (see right).

    Fairlands will be online from 1400 BST and ready to answer your questions about being inspired by the Olympic Flame.

    There are several ways to send your questions and comments to World Class:

    What are you waiting for?


    A quick reminder that this afternoon's special guests are students from Fairlands Middle School in Somerset, UK.

    They are the stars of our mini-torch relay film (right) and they will be online to answer your questions from 1400 BST!


    Well, we are going to have to bring the debate to a close now - but it's fair to say that this has been an amazing debate!

    If you just can't get enough, you can join us again at 1400 BST for our second debate on 'inspiration'.

    For now, a massive thank you to all of you for your enthusiastic and brilliant comments and questions - but an especially big thanks to Makina Self-Help Primary School for being such superb special guests.

    Makina pupils bid everyone farewell! Makina pupils bid everyone farewell!

    We've time for one last email from Makina, who say: "Before we go, the children from Makina want to share their dreams:

    Jimmy, 15, would like to be an engineer

    Sophia, 8, would like to be a nurse

    Sammy, 9, would like to be a pilot so that can travel to many countries

    Emmanuel, 9, would like to be doctor

    Ivan, 9, would like to be a doctor

    Sydney, 9, would like to be a mathematician

    Duncan would like to be the best scientist in Kenya

    Volen, 15, would like to be a nurse

    Cyntia, 12, would like to be a doctor

    Esther, 15, would like be minister for environment

    Befray, 9, would like be a lawyer"

    Whew! I think you will all join us in hoping that every single one of them succeeds.


    Makina students would like to tell us about the famous Kenyan athletes that inspire them:

    "David Rudisha, Cather Ndereba, Paul Tergat, Pamela Jelimo and there are many more. Google them!"


    Students at Persha Gimnasiya in Cherkasy, Ukraine answer the question from Makina students in Nairobi, Kenya about the sports they play, and what they have for school lunch:

    "We can play different sports in our schools such as football (we love it!), basketball, volleyball etc.

    Also I do sport orienteering as the region team member. This sport is a lot of fun! Does anybody know about it?:)

    School lunch may vary because we usually buy it in buffet or in the shops close to school (I live in city)."


    Aaditya at KIIT World School in Delhi adds:

    "Inspiration is definitely a Olympic value, as Olympics are about dreaming for stars and it is inspiration that adds that extra zing to our hopes to surpass each obstacle that we meet and come out on top."


    @CarolineHurford adds: "We @wfp London glued to global debate between kids on ‪#worldclassvalues‬ http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldclass/188 …. Happy it's continuing!"


    Amrit at Gyanodaya School in Nepal comments on Mansi from KIIT World School in Delhi:

    "I happy with Mansi of KIIT World School in Delhi, India because she is getting inspired by common people like us.

    I think that to inspire we don't have to same as Michael Phelps or Usian Bolt or any other great person.

    We just have to let others know that we are capable of doing something which is beneficial for everyone and inspires everyone."


    ‏@CarolineHurford at the World Food Programme tweets:

    "re #worldclassvalues, my @wfp pal Vadsana #Olympics torchbearer - she inspired these kids @ B'ham school http://pic.twitter.com/EThGbCKU"


    Chelsea is also answering Makina's question about her school day at Bedford Academy in the UK:

    "We get up at about 7:30 and walk to school. We arrive at school at about 8:20 ready for tutor time at 8:30. This lasts until 8:50 and is time to get to know each other, google facts and complete quizs.

    Then we start lessons, we study subjects including: PE, English, Maths, science, cooking lessons and even media studies. We finish school at 15:35, but sometimes we do enrichment which is our chance to try cool things like building an electric car, or linking up with our international schools."


    Habib at Bedford Academy has an answer for the Makina pupils question about what sports UK students play!

    He says: "In PE we take part in football, softball, cricket, rounders, trampolining, American football, rugby, Gaelic football and many other things. At break and lunch time we mostly enjoy playing football."


    Denisha from Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal adds:

    "I am happy to know that children of Nepal are getting opportunities to study, and get food.

    The only thing that persuades parents of Nepal is to keep on sending their children to school is the knowledge that they'll get at least get one good meal a day."


    We just can't bear to stop posting your amazing comments and contributions this morning!

    We're going to keep going here for another 15 minutes. But that's definitely it. Ok?


    Some advice from Makina children:

    "You should take advantage of the opportunities you have and study hard."

    For the children in the Food for Thought film: "Your school looks almost like ours - we also do not have electricity and some of our classes have mud walls. You also receive school meals like us. Work hard because education is the key to success."


    A really nice message from Upasana from Gyanodaya School in Nepal!

    "Ever since I was in grade 1 I wanted to be an astronaut. I imagined myself in space looking at the stars and the earth and feeling free.

    Even after all these years I stiil dream about that. I was so inspired by the thought that there was something beyond the sky and that man had walked on the moon."


    Some more thoughts from Khaitan Public School in India about what inspires them!

    Dhairya feels that someone who is unique in your life who inspires you to express your thoughts and feelings. Shubhum feels that tennis player Roger Federer inspires him to aim high. And Shelly feels inspired by her teachers who give vision to her thoughts.

    Thanks guys!

    More of the Khaitan debating team! More of the Khaitan debating team!

    A World Class welcome to Denys at Persha Gimnasiya in Cherkasy, Ukraine. He writes:

    "I see many people watched two videos - about Olympic Torch and Nepal. That's why they combined thoughts about excellence and inspiration. I agree here. I am a sportsman too and know how inspiration gives a breathe to your body for hard and long practices to get the excellence which will bring you success. It's not just a sport tip but a life rule. Be inspired and DO something GREAT, guys!"


    Michael yr 9 at Bedford Academy replies to Makina students:

    "Students at Bedford Academy get breakfast at home or at school, we also have lunch at school which we pay for. Students from family with low incomes receive free school meals from the government. We also get dinner at home in the evening. We are very lucky!'"


    While some of you have found inspiration from your teachers, for Mrs Denise Phillips at Townhill Junior School in Southampton, UK, it's the other way around!

    She tells us, "There are many people who inspire me, with their enthusiasm and determination, but nothing inspires me more than the curiosity and questioning of children at the school. It is so encouraging."


    Abhyudaya at KIIT responds to Chelsea at Bedford Academy:

    "What inspires us exactly is not the person but what he achieved in life, the traits he possesses so even if he is gone, those qualities remain and inspire us."


    In response to a question about whether you can be inspired by someone you have never met.

    Sammy, 9, at Makina says, "Yes, if you know their story and they have done things you admire."


    Here's a picture from Bedford Academy, who have also tweeted a question for the Makina pupils:

    "Chelsea 'Would you like to try other foods if you had the opportunity? what foods would you like to try? #worldclassvalues"

    The debating team at Bedford! The debating team at Bedford!

    Mansi at KIIT World School in Delhi, India writes:

    "Students in Nepal and Kenya school are truly inspirational, they fill me with a strong desire to reach out and help them anyway I can."


    In reply to the question from Phil in Manchester (1018), Makina students reply: "Yes. We do 8 years of primary school then go to high school for 4 years. Then university for 4 years but some take longer such as those studying medicine."


    Some answers for Chelsea (see 0955). Megan at St. John's School in Cyprus says: "I think it depends on the way you deal with the loss.

    "Some people will be overcome with grief so they will lose hope and the inspiration will disappear. However other people will become more determined. They will want to honour the person they have lost and keep their memory going."

    Upasana from Gyanodaya School in Nepal adds: "I think losing someone that inspires you actually motivates you to strive harder towards your goal.You may lose your inspirer but you will still have his/her memory and encouragement in your heart."

    Really interesting stuff.


    Amrit at Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu is happy to know that the pupils of St Patrick's Catholic Primary in Wiltshire, UK are inspired by athletes. "Inspiration gives us determination and strength to work towards our goal. I think we all should aim at the moon so that even we miss it, we land among the stars."


    Abhyudaya from KIIT World School in Delhi, India writes:

    "Inspiration does not magically change our lives, it does something even more powerful, it changes the way we deal with our life."


    In response to the question about weekends at Makina: "sometimes we get food during the weekend but it not always assured. Even then most times it will be one meal a day."


    Phil from Manchester in the UK asks the students in Nairobi: "Do you carry on education after primary school?"


    Let's hear more on 'inspiration' from Khaitan Public School in India.

    Ritika feels that, "When someone inspires her to believe in herself that enables her to bring out the best of her abilities."

    Aastha felt that, "Anyone who gives her the confidence to go the extra mile is an inspiration".

    And Zinnia says, "Inspiration means to follow somebody who would guide me in every avenue of life.

    "To me my inspiration is my mother because she suffered a lot in her life. She inspires me to be better that the best and raise the bar higher for myself."

    Khaitan pupils take part in the debate! Khaitan pupils take part in the debate!

    The pupils at Makina would like to ask other students taking part:

    "Do children in the UK get school meals?"

    "What are the games they play in school (— we play football and netball at Makina)"

    Wherever you are, please answer these questions!


    Denisha at Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal writes, "My parents have always been my inspiration throughout my life because they have pushed me to feel stronger and more confident to pursue and obtain goals of my life.

    Because of their care and guide I am standing in this position right now."


    A question for the Makina pupils from Zuzanna at Townhill Junior School, UK: "If a pupil is late for lunch, do they still get it?"


    @CarolineHurford tweets: "Kids @ Kenya school ARE inspirational! Now answering in live debate on #worldclassvalues http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldclass/18856386 They get @wfp school meals."‏


    From Jess Townhill Junior School in Southampton, UK:

    "Do the students at Makina go to school every day or do they go hungry on the weekends?"

    And she says "I do gymnastics because most of my school mates, teachers and MY MUM supports and encourages me along the way."


    And now the children from Makina in Kenya have a question for some of you!

    They ask: "What is a typical day for a child in the UK like?"

    They've also sent us this great picture of them clustered around their laptop as they answer your questions:

    Makina pupils answer your questions! Makina pupils answer your questions!

    Upasana at Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal is inspired by Michael Faraday "because he was poor yet he educated himself and changed the world of science forever for our generation.

    I hope I can make a difference to this world. I don't care if its a big one or small one as long as it is a good difference."


    More answers from Makina Self-Help Primary School!

    In response to Chelsea (see 0948) they say: "The long day at school gives us more time to study and helps us in achieving good grades."

    And to questions from St Patrick's (see 0952) they tell us: "Lunch is the best part of the day because we get to eat. We eat the same food everyday but we still appreciate it and it tastes nice."


    The students at Bedford Academy tell us which jobs they'd like to do when they leave school:

    "Michael wants to be an engineer as he enjoys practical things.

    Habib wants to be a pharmacist as his uncle has inspired him to be one as he does a similar job.

    Lakiesha wants to be a teacher as she wants to work with young children and inspire them.

    Chelsea wants to be a midwife to help people to create new lives."


    The pupils of St Patrick's Catholic Primary in Wiltshire, UK share their thoughts on the people who inspire them:

    "David Bowie inspires me because even through his older years he continued singing." - Timothy

    "Neymar inspires me because he is an excellent football player." - Finley

    "My family and friends inspire me because they always encourage me to keep on going no matter what happens."- Sofi

    "Neil Armstrong inspires me because he was determined to get to the Moon and never gave up." - Laura

    "Michael Phelps inspires me because whenever I see him race he has a new technique. I learn from him and he helps me become a faster and better swimmer." - Mark

    "Dan Lydictate inspires me because when I grow up I want to be a rugby player. He does exactly what I want to do and plays in the position I want to play." - Oliver


    Wow your contributions have been coming in thick and fast!

    We are going to keep running the debate until 1030 BST - that's another half an hour - so keep writing in with your thoughts on inspiration and questions for the Makina pupils.


    Aakash at KIIT World School in Delhi, India writes:

    "Inspiration is a value that we derive not only from great personalities, we can even get inspired by any next door person."

    Aditya also at KIIT writes:

    "Inspiration provides buoyancy to stepping stones of success."


    Ishan at Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal says:

    "I am fortunate that I am going to the top school in Nepal. I would like to become a pilot in my future life. I am inspired to go to school everyday because of my mom and dad who think that I must achieve a sublime qualification in my life and to fulfill my ambition."


    We love this! Bedford Academy tweet: "Students at Bedford Academy now listening to Neema Mwaipopo after a recommendation by students at Makina School Kenya! #worldclassvalues"

    Great stuff!


    More answers from students at Makina Self-Help Primary School:

    Self-help in the title of our school, means that it was started by the community without the assistance of the government or donors. (Matthew's question 0941)

    Cynthia 15 is inspired by Tr. Benson because he cares about us and is a good religion teacher.

    Befray 9 us inspired by Tr. Wambua because he understands children's problems.

    We don't always have food at home.

    We learn about Nelson Mandela - He fought for the freedom of South Africa from apatheid (Alan's question 0941).


    More from Gyanodaya International Residential School. Denisha thinks that inspiration is a Olympic and Paralympic value "It provides an excellent guide for living a life that inspires people to make the most of their talents".

    And Upasana has a question for Makina pupils: "Do you have a lot of fun in your school? What do you do after school?"


    Matthew from St John's School in Cyprus wants to ask Volen at Makina why Mario Ballotelli inspires him?


    More answers from Makina Self-Help Primary School, this time for Effie and Ebony (see 0945):

    "Volen would like to be a nurse and she would like to help poor people, especially in the slums. Duncan would like to be the best scientist in Kenya!

    "And Esther loves the environment and would like to work towards improving it."


    Chelsea from Bedford Academy, yr 9 (her teacher Mr Cox says she's on fire this morning!) - "If you lose the person that inspires you, does that mean that you will lose motivation to achieve your goals? Or does it only make you more determined?"


    A few of you writing in say that teachers at your school inspire you. Frans from St John's School in Cyprus tells us that "The thing that inspires me the most is Mr. Hall, aka Nigel.

    "He is the most wonderufl, supportive, amazing person I have ever met, and my art work has improved drastically since I have joined his painting classes.

    "He helps me understand art, and how it affects our daily lives. He inspires me, as I would like to be what he is."


    A tweet from Bedford Academy: Habib yr 9 - Can inspiration come from people you have never met? #worldclassvalues

    A great question - what do you think?


    And more answers from Makina students. Volen, 15 adds:

    "At school I always get at least one nutritious meal but I am not assured of food at home."


    Andrea WFP (World Food Programme) on twitter: "Following ‪#worldclassvalues‬ debate with schools kids in Kenya receiving WFP school meals and kids in the UK, Nepal, India...it's inspiring!"

    We agree!


    The pupils of St Patrick's Catholic Primary in Wiltshire, UK have been compiling their thoughts on inspiration and have some questions for Makina pupils:

    "Inspiration is something that can come from anywhere! " - Cahal

    "Inspiration is an Olympic Value because it is the perfect opportunity for athletes to inspire other people to be as great as they are." - Zara

    "Inspiration is aiming to achieve what your role models have achieved and then not stopping until you have reached your goal." - Jonah

    Some questions for the pupils at Makina:

    "What kind of things inspire you?" - Frankie

    "What are the free school meals like? Do they taste good?"- Alex

    "Is lunch your favourite part of the day?" - Willow

    "For the free school meals, do you get given the same thing every day?" - Morgan

    "Do you have break time at school or do you work all day?" - Vanessa

    "How long is your school day?" - Nicola


    Makina Self-Help Primary School have answers for Chelsea! (see 0945).

    Volen, 15, says he is inspired by footballer Mario Balotelli. Jimmy, also 15, is inspired by Kenyan musician Ringtone.

    Sidney, 9, is inspired by footballer Lionel Messi, while Esther, 15, is inspired by Tanzanian musican Neema Mwaipopo.


    Chelsea year 9 from Bedford Academy in reply to the answer about the school day at Makina (0938):

    "Thats a long day! Does the long day help you to achieve your goals? or would you like shorter days? do you have to do chores at home as well?'"


    Rest assured the pupils from Makina, aged 8-15, are looking at your questions now... Stay tuned and they will have answers for you all!


    Lexie at St Patrick's Catholic Primary in Wiltshire, UK writes:

    "Even though the children in Nepal don't have regular food they seem to try their hardest with their learning - I find this inspirational and is certainly something we can take for granted."


    Chelsea, year 9 from Bedford Academy asks: "Are you inspired by celebrities from around the world? or does your inspiration come from local people?"


    Effie and Ebony from St Mary Magdalene Academy in Islington, UK, have questions for the Makina students in Kenya.

    "What inspires (drives) you to go to school each day? Is there an ambition or goal that you would like to reach? Do you think you will have to leave home to achieve your goals?"


    Patrick in the UK wants to know if the children in Kenya have to work as well as going to school? And if so how hard is it to do this?


    Matthew from St John's School in Cyprus wants to ask the students in Kenya:

    "What does it mean by self-help in your school title? and who in your school staff inspires you?"


    And another question for Makina pupils from Indira in London.

    "It inspires me that so many kids in countries like Kenya and Nepal go to school without any food.

    I was wondering if the kids from the school in Kenya get any meals at home? or if their only meal is the food that they get at school?"


    Alan asks the students of Makina Self-Help Primary School: Do children in Kenya learn about Nelson Mandela?


    We're joined now by the Khaitan Public School in India, so a big hello to them!

    They tell us that their 8th grade pupils have been discussing inspiration.

    Pranav feels that, "When someone becomes a role model for the other person they become an inspiration."

    Shubham feels that people can be inspired, "When we try to emulate another person by going beyond our boundaries."

    And Robin tells us that, "Mike Tyson is my inspiration because he inspires me to push my limits in sports and education."


    A reply to the question about the school day in Kenya from our guest school Makina Self-Help Primary School in Nairobi:

    "Classes 1-3 have their classes from 8 am to 3 p.m. Classes begin at 8 a.m and finish at 5.30 p.m for classes 4 - 8."


    More questions for the Makina students from Bedford Academy.

    Lakiesha year 9 asks: "Do you have any goals and aspirations and who inspires you to achieve them?"

    And Chelsea wants to know: "Are you inspired by your family? do they support you to get an education?"


    Charlotte at St John's School in Cyprus is also inspired by people she knows:

    "My geography teacher, Ms Jackson inspires me because she always pushes me to try my best and to try new things. She has helped me a lot this year, and is a great and amazing teacher."

    Who inspires you? Tell us about the people in your life who give you inspiration.


    Here's another question for the Makina students from Aakash at KIIT World School in Dehli, India!

    "As Makina is a primary school, what is the future of these students once they step out of the school?"


    Upasana at Gyanodaya School in Nepal adds:

    "I am very happy that other children of my country are getting schooling and food. I hope people will realize how fortunate we are and be inspired to be thankful."


    More from Bedford Academy as they tweet: "Bedford Academy is inspired by the students and staff at Makina Self Help Primary School Kenya ‪#worldclassvalues"‬


    Bedford Academy in Bedfordshire, UK, are online this morning. They tweeted: Bedford Academy is discussing the Olympic value of inspiration today! ‪#worldclassvalues

    Good morning to you!‬


    Matthew from St John's School in Cyprus is inspired by people at his school:

    "My teacher Mrs Cambridge inspires me to always be friendly and helpful like she always is, and also my geography teacher Ms Jackson inspired me and a few friends to take part in this debate and so far it has been a very fulfilling experience!"

    We're so glad you're enjoying the debate Matthew - do you or your classmates have any questions for our special guests, the students of Makina Self-Help Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya?


    More from Danville Park Girls' High School in North Durban, South Africa!

    Hannah tells us that "Today marks the 94th birthday of one of the greatest men that have ever walked across the face of this world.

    Nelson Mandela (Madiba) is and always will be a shining beacon of hope, inspiration and motivation for us all to look to, no matter who we are or what colour our skin is."

    Priyanka adds: "Nelson Mandela is my inspiration because when he was told to "sit down and be quiet", he stood up and spoke out.

    By sacrificing 27 years of his life in a prison, he defied the odds, won battles of adversity, saved our country an made it the diverse and incredible melting pot that it is today."

    Fantastic stuff, thanks very much for sending in these thoughts!


    Aakash at KIIT World School in Delhi, India:

    "Inspiration is what turned the disabled to super-abled in the Paralympics and they became an inspiration for the world."


    Charlotte from St John's School, Cyprus, has been considering our debate point "Why is inspiration an Olympic Value?"

    She thinks that "Inspiration is an Olympic Value because all the Olympians have to have been inspired by someone or something.

    "It makes people strive to achieve more than they ever could without inspiration. It is something that pushes you to go further and schieve what you want, which is exactly what the Olympians do!"


    Another student from St John's School in Cyprus, Frans writes:

    "Many of the present day Olympians would not be at the games today if they had not been inspired when they were younger.

    Inspiration is a value which gives you the will to achieve something, to beat something or to be able to do something better than anyone else. It allows you to imagine what you want to be or do.

    It allows you to look up to someone, and follow in their footsteps. Inspiration is what feeds our minds for them to be able to dream."

    We want to know who or what inspires you. Join the debate and ask students in other countries about the people who inspire them.


    Denisha from Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal has also been thinking about one of our debate topics - Why is inspiration an Olympic value?:

    "I think inspiration is a Olympic value as it inspire others to do the best they can with their talents."


    Here's Andrea from London with a question for Makina Self-Help Primary School!

    She asks: "Do the students in Kenya go to school from 8am - 4pm like us? What is their normal day like?"


    Abhyudaya from KIIT World School in Delhi, India writes:

    "Success is like a train. It has different coaches of hard work, confidence, attitude and luck. But leading all those is the engine of INSPIRATION."

    Who inspires you?


    Don't forget that Makina Self-Help Primary School are online and ready for your questions! (see 0914 for details).

    They have been telling us some of the things that inspire them the most.

    "Education - because it is the key to life and will make my life better in future."

    "I am inspired when spending time with my friends."


    A World Class welcome to St Patrick's Catholic Primary from Corsham, UK!

    Biba, who has been thinking about one of our debate points (top of page) thinks that "Inspiration is an Olympic Value because it has taken some sort of inspiration for each of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes to get to where they are".

    "We can inspire athletes to do even better with our support and cheering!" says Rory

    And Mikey tells us that "Inspiration is when you admire someone or something and then you try your best to copy it - Frank Lampard is my inspiration because I enjoy playing football and being great at it!"


    Megan from St John's School in Cyprus answers the question: Who Inspires You?

    "My dad inspires me as he has been through so much. He has spent most of his life in the Royal Air Force and spent a lot of time away from his family. Every three years we have to move and my dad is the one that makes me so strong. Just knowing that he has had to do this for 24 years makes me feel thankful that I have only had to do this for 14 years."

    Write and tell us who inspires you.


    Here's Amrit from Gyanodaya International Residential School in Nepal.

    "For me, inspiration is something that gave the humans, us, the courage, the will, the power and urge us to achieve perfection and greatness.

    "The person whom I adore so much and get inspired is my mother and my father. They are the "THE SPECIAL ONE" for me because everyday they work so hard for me and my brother.

    "They sacrificed their happiness so that I can remain happy and they say that their happiness comes from my happiness."

    A great comment. Who inspires you? Do you have a role model in your life?


    Fellow schoolmate Denisha at Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal says: "Inspiration is an idea that divines the spirit and allows to motivate something/someone that affects our life in a practical manner."

    What are you inspired to do?


    Take note everyone - our special guests are now online and ready to field your questions!

    Makina Self-Help Primary School from Nairobi, Kenya, are now with us. They are based in Kibera Slum and you can find out more about the school by clicking the 'inspiration in Kibera' tab above.

    Don't be shy - send your questions to us now!

    Enjoying lunch in Kibera Enjoying lunch in Kibera

    Upasana from Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu wants to add:

    "To me, to inspire means to set such a great example of excellence that other people would also look at you and aspire to reach further and break the records set before them."

    Tell us who or what inspires you!


    We've had a great photo from Danville Park Girls High School in Durban, South Africa, who have been inspired by Nelson Mandela!

    They tell us: "This photo shows a group of girls preparing to sandwiches for an under privileged school. They are going to do 67 minutes to mark International Nelson Mandela Day.

    "People throughout South Africa are doing 67 minutes of charity work as it is his 94th birthday today."

    We are hoping to have Danville with us in our afternoon debate at 1400 BST to tell us how they got on.

    Danville students preparing to make sandwiches! Danville students preparing to make sandwiches!

    Pupils at St Mary's Primary School in Kent, UK, one of the Olympic Dreams partner schools write:

    "Today, excitement is high in school and we will be further inspired by the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Folkestone at 2pm, where we are going to watch it and the inspirational people who have been chosen to carry it.

    Sir Matthew Pinsent's, the Olympic rower visited our school in September 2010 and was an inspiration to us all. 4 Gold Olympic medals and such a lovely personality, he had time for everyone, what a gem."


    Rashmi from KIIT World School in, Delhi, India, has this to say about inspiration: "Inspiration moves us to dream, giving wings to our imagination.

    "It sparks the desire to move out of our comfort zone and learn or achieve something bigger in life."


    Good morning to Kamla Nehru Public School in Phagwara, India!

    They have been watching our 'food for thought' film (see right).

    "We are greatly inspired by the children of Nepal," they tell us. "We get to learn many values from this video. We should always be down to earth which means respect for what we are being provided with, we should be content with what we have.

    "We realized that we who have sufficient food don't respect it and waste it, but there some others who are dying to have it.

    "Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good - try to use ordinary situations."

    Great thoughts guys! What do you think?


    Upsana from Gyanodaya School in Kathmandu, Nepal says: "I think inspiration is an Olympic value because all the participating Olympians are inspired and inspire. They have come this far because they were inspired by some people and are inspiring the next generation."


    And we're off!

    A big World Class welcome to all of you! Don't forget that we'll be joined this morning by pupils from Makina Self-Help Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya.

    The school is a beneficiary of the UN World Food Programme's scheme to provide impoverished schools with free lunches. The school featured in our 'food for thought' film on the right are part of the same scheme.



    It's not long now until the sixth debate in the World Class 'Olympic Values' series!

    Come back to this page on Wednesday 18 July at 0900 and 1400 BST to join the discussion.

    Taking part couldn't be easier. Send us your thoughts on 'inspiration' before or during the debate by:

    In the meantime, watch the videos on the right and check out out debate points (above) for inspiration.

    See you then!


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