What's giving you Olympic Fever?

Students from Usain Bolt's old school in Jamaica, William Knibb, will be following his progress closely! Students from Usain Bolt's old school in Jamaica, William Knibb, will be following his progress closely!

Excited about the London 2012 Olympic Games?

From 27 July - 12 August, BBC World Class will be running a live blog about all things Olympics. But this will be a blog with a twist - it'll be written by you.

We want to hear what your school is talking about when it comes to the Games.

What's giving you Olympic Fever?

Getting in touch with World Class is easy. Send in your Olympic Fever updates via:

  • Email: worldclass@bbc.co.uk
  • Post on our Facebook page: facebook.com/BBCWorldClass
  • Tweet using #worldclassolympics

The Olympic Games is undoubtably full of drama and emotion, but what gets your school talking will be unique to you.

Perhaps one day an athlete who used to go to your school is competing. Maybe there's one sport you're crazy about, and the final is coming up. Whatever it is, we're interested.

All you have to do is tell us what's giving you Olympic Fever and we'll publish it in our blog. You can get in touch as often as you like and say whatever you want.

Olympic Fever - be creative

Need ideas on how to get the most out of Olympic Fever? Try these:

  • Athlete of the day/week: Who grabbed the attention of your school? Nominate three if you like: gold, silver and bronze.
  • Local hero: Update us on how athletes from your country or area got on.
  • Playground talk: What's grabbed the attention of students generally? What do they talk about when they talk about the Olympics?

We'll be running the blog every weekday for the duration of the Games, following your updates as well as the progress of our World Olympic Dreams athletes.

Your contributions will be the story - so get involved.

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