Olympic and Paralympic Values: Excellence week

On June 11, World Class kicked off seven weeks of Olympic-themed content in our buildup to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Here, you can catch up with all the action from week five, in which we showcased the value of 'Excellence'.

You can use the tabs at the head of the page to explore our films, assemblies and live debates around the topic of excellence.

If you missed any of our content, it's all here. Let's take a look at the week's highlights:

Wednesday 11 July: Interactive discussion on excellence

Pupils from St Patrick's in Corsham, UK, took part in the 'excellence' debate! Pupils from St Patrick's in Corsham, UK, took part in the 'excellence' debate!

Another great debate this week, with contributions from schools in countries including India, Mexico, and Nepal.

There were a couple of really strong debate strands. One centered around the 'Gaokao fever' film (see below), in which Chinese students faced punishing levels of homework.

Some students felt that the Chinese pupils should have more time for other things and to enjoy their childhood - others thought the effort was worth it in the long run.

Elsewhere, we were lucky enough to be joined by students from Highfields School in Derbyshire, UK - the stars of the 'Torch visit' film (see below).

The students fielded a range of questions from peers worldwide about their experience hosting the Olympic Flame - a huge thanks to Highfields for being such excellent special guests.

Film - The toughest exams ever?
Ma Li, 18, studying for the Gaokao

In China, young people hoping to go to university must excel in the notoriously tough entrance exam, or 'Gaokao'.

This BBC News film, showcased by World Class during 'excellence week', told the story of Ma Li, 18, who is one of the 9.15 million Chinese high school students about to sit the exams.

For her, and many like her, it's the culmination of an exhausting year of cramming and revision. The pressure is high, with some schools going to increasingly extreme lengths to boost exam performance.

For two days, China is gripped by 'Gaokao' fever. Roads are blocked and construction sites fall silent to avoid disrupting the students.

New assemblies for primary and secondary
Olympic Torch at Highfields School in Derbyshire Olympic Torch at Highfields School in Derbyshire

We also showcased new assemblies for primary and secondary pupils about Highfields School in Derbyshire, UK, who welcomed the Olympic torch to their school.

The visit rewarded the sporting excellence and community spirit demonstrated by the school.

Our short film documented the excitement and fervour around the day, with the assembly packs designed to help teachers discuss excellence as an Olympic Value in the classroom.

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