Olympic and Paralympic Values: Courage week

Crossing the divide

This is an assembly for primary school pupils focusing on the Olympic Value of 'courage'.

Introduce the assembly film

This is Harry. He is 15 years old and is planning to complete a tough challenge - he wants to row across the English Channel.

The English Channel is the name for the part of the sea between England and France. Harry will need to row 21 miles to get to the other side. This is roughly the same as 90 laps around a football pitch!

Watch this film about Harry as he prepares for the challenge.

Follow Harry as he prepares to become the youngest person to row across the English Channel

Show film and use discussion prompts afterwards. Email worldclass@bbc.co.uk for a downloadable copy.

Why do you think Harry might be nervous or worried about his challenge?

Use these hints to generate discussion:

  • He might be worried about letting other people down.
  • He might be nervous about all the ships in the way.
  • He might be worried about falling in, as the water is very cold.

So there are a lot of reasons Harry might be worried. What are the things that could inspire him to finish the challenge?

Use these hints to generate discussion:

  • He is raising money for charity
  • He is hoping to become the youngest person to cross the channel
  • He might be inspired by his brother, who recovered from Leukaemia

Do you think he will need courage to overcome his nervousness?

Do you think that Olympic athletes will feel the same way before a big race?

Olympic Value: Courage

"Being brave and confident enough to do what you believe is right"

Have you ever had to do something which needed courage? (HINTS: Maybe you had to perform in a play? Stand up to a bully? Give someone bad news?)

If you succeeded, how did you find the courage to do it?

Can you think of other times when people need courage?

Ask the Assembly Question

Harry says that "there is a line between courage and stupidity". Can you be brave and stupid at the same time?

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