Olympic and Paralympic Values: Respect week

Youth Councillors pose in front of the World Class live Respect debate page Youth Councillors pose in front of the World Class live Respect debate page!

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On Wednesday 27th June as part of an interactive discussion on respect, we heard from a group of young politicians from the Dominican Republic. Six members of the Republic's Youth City Council were on hand to answer questions on their country and respect.

These young politicians have a genuine impact on the lives of young people around them.

Below are more answers to your questions that we were unable to feature in our debate.

Answers to your questions

How do you encourage other people of your age to actively engage in politics?

A: By informing them of the youth council and all the experience we have had so they can become motivated and engaged in local issues. We also provide a chance for other children to actively participate according to their interests.

Do you feel that you have become a role model for the younger generation in the Dominican Republic? How do you react to this?

A: We are a role model because other young people get inspired by seeing children like them become engaged in local issues. If we are a role model we should do the best in order to continue to inspire other young people.

Meet some remarkable role models from the Dominican Republic - the 'young politicians'.

How often are youth council members elected?

A: Elections are held every two years, this process provides the opportunity for other children and adolescents to participate as candidates and eventually as councillors.

How democratic is your country? Would you improve this?

A: We think that our country is democratic in theory but in practice not everyone has access to the same things or opportunities.

You managed to get a water tank installed so that people in your town could have clean water. Has this helped your community?

A: There has been some progress. The water will be used by more than 2000 students at the public school.

BBC World Class would like to thank every school that took part in the interactive discussion on respect. If you are interested in getting involved in future discussions with schools around the world, email worldclass@bbc.co.uk

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