Olympic and Paralympic Values: Respect week

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This is an assembly surrounding the Olympic value of respect. It focuses on Team Trinidad & Tobago's 400m hurdler Jehue Gordon and the respect he has for his country, his coach and his family

Jehue Gordon remembers who has helped him become a success

Teacher script to introduce the film

Ask pupils in the assembly which people in their lives they respect.

This could be parents, an older brother or sister, a teacher, a friend, or someone not known personally.

Jehue Gordon is a successful 400m hurdler who has qualified for the Olympics this summer.

But Jehue never forgets where he's come from.

As you will see he respects the people who have helped him become a successful hurdler.

Show film and use discussion prompts afterwards. Email worldclass@bbc.co.uk for a downloadable copy.

Jehue uses his ability to show that his country, Trinidad and Tobago has talented athletes. Why is this good for his country?

What does respect mean to you?

As a professional athlete Jehue believes in what he does and is prepared to make sacrifices to be the best. What things in your life are you prepared to make sacrifices for?

Jehue Gordon thinks that in life, we should all look out for each other. What do you think and why?

Jehue says we've all started from scratch and been supported by someone in some way. Who has supported you in your life? How have these people helped you?

Thanks to his coach, his club and his family, Jehue has a direction and a focus in life. Do you know what your focus in life is? Who are the people that will help you reach your goals?

Jehue's success means he is in a position to help his family live a better life. Can you think of a time when you have been in a position to help another person? What did you do for them?

Secondary Assembly Question

Can you respect someone you have never met?

Email your answer to worldclass@bbc.co.uk

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