Olympic and Paralympic Values - Friendship week

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Pupils from Khaitan Public School in India joined the debate Pupils from Khaitan Public School in India joined the debate

Q&A with Marcus from Colegio Certo, Brazil

Since we weren't able to post every answer Marcus provided, we've reproduced them all below

Questions from Khaitan Public School in India:

What inspired the pupils of Colegio Certo to travel 4,000 miles to visit pupils from Roseberry Sports College in Durham?

"In fact, the BBC promoted a project to twin together some schools from all the world to discuss how our schools work.

In the first time a year ago, we were invited to take part (in the Durham Youth International Games) for two days and then to visit Roseberry School.

When County Durham decided to make the sports event again, we were invited to take part to it and to visit the school once again."

Judoka Sarah Menezes, an ex-student of your School, will represent the state of Piaui in the Olympics - what are the feelings of the students?

Sarah is an example for all of us. She has been fighting for her goals and she trains, studies and works hard.

And we really hope she will go great next Olympics. We will be all together to see her fighting.

What are the favorite sports of the students from Colegio Certo?

We love football. It is really special for us.

Having only 56 teachers for 764 students, are the classes more exciting as the teachers can focus better on giving the student's undivided attention in the classes?

Classes here are really very exciting. My teachers are very funny and they are always in good mood.

They try to give us good lessons in many different ways. And we sometimes feel like their friends, and sometimes like their children.

Marcus on his recent visit to the UK Marcus on his recent visit to the UK

Questions from Bedford Academy in the UK:

Would you count your parents as friends?

Absolutely. In our country our parents are our best friends. They are always beside us to teach how lead a good life, how to get experience to our whole life.

They talk to us about everything: adolescence, drugs, sex, education. They are special friends for us.

What extremes would you go to help your friends?

I really think I will do anything to help them. We have a very close relationship and we divide all of our experience.

We help each other not to go the wrong ways in life.

Have you ever fallen out of friendship with someone never to be friends again? Why?

Sometimes, I get bored with some friends because he enjoys different experiences and days may be different.

However I have never lost a friend. We discuss, stay some days away but we always talk and get our friendship again.

If it came to a choice between friends and family which would you choose?

It is impossible to choose but I still think my family are my best friends. If I don't value my family how can I value my friends?

I would try to put them together to live in peace all together.

Can girls be friends with boys as teenagers? What would your parents think?

In my country this is really common. We study in the same school and usually live in the same neighborhood.

Our parents don't mind, but, of course, they have some rules about our friendships. And they prefer to meet and know our friends.

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