Determination Assembly part 1 - Iraqi rowers

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This is the first assembly focusing on the Iraqi rowers and determination. The second assembly is called 'Last chance rower'' which focuses on Haider Rashid's final chance to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics

BBC World Class assembly focusing on the Paralympic value of determination for key stage three

Teacher script to introduce film

Have any of you have been rowing on a river or in the sea?

We are going to watch a video presented by Matthew Pinsent - an Olympic athlete who won four gold medals in rowing for Great Britain.

In the video Matthew goes to Iraq to meet rowers Hamza and Haider who competed at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

They compete in the 'double skulls' which is a race with two rowers each with two oars rowing together in the same boat.

Ask the assembly who knows where Iraq is and what has been happening there.

More information on Iraq

Click on the link to BBC News below

Iraq is in the Middle East and in recent years there has been violent conflict there in which many ordinary people have been killed.

Although the situation has improved it is still a dangerous place to live.

But throughout the problems, Iraqi rowers Haider and Hamza stuck to their training when it would have been easier to give up.

Show film and use discussion prompts afterwards. Email for a downloadable copy.

What have Hamza and Haider achieved?

What challenges have they overcome?

What does determination mean to you?

What effect has their success had on their communities and country?

Hamza and Haider have also inspired young people to take up rowing as a sport.

Has someone ever made you feel you really want to do something? What happened?

What effect does sport have on your school and town?

Secondary Assembly question

Hamza and Haider's preparation for London 2012 has been far from ideal.

Do you think facing difficulties holds you back or makes you more determined to succeed?

Email your answer to

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