What to send us for the World's Biggest Assembly

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After your assembly, email worldclass@bbc.co.uk with

  • School's name and location
  • What has got your school talking and why does it matter to you?

This is the very minimum, so more details are welcome. Are pupils directly affected by the issues you discussed? How? Is this issue in the news already? What do your pupils think about that?

Pupils gather for an assembly in Egypt Pupils gather for an assembly in Egypt

Some examples of the kinds of comments schools might send in, just to give you ideas:

Get in touch

Email: worldclass@bbc.co.uk

Twitter: #bbcassembly

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bbcworldclass

School in Spain: "Pupils in our school are talking about pocket money. They all had to work at home to get their pocket money, and several had been told that there was less money at home so pocket money was cut.

"Lots of pupils' parents are losing their jobs because the factory in our town is cutting back on jobs. We see news every day about the 'global economic crisis' but it concentrates on businesses and politicians and we don't think that they show what it's like for ordinary families, like ours."

School in India: "Pupils in our school are talking about the our teacher who is retiring after 30 years. He taught everyone here how to read - and quite a lot of their parents too.

"He's inspired so many people and will leave a lasting legacy, this is our news and is what is important to us."

School in the UK: "Pupils at our school is in a rural part of England, and we know how lucky we are to have such comfortable lives, but the News story we have been talking about is the trail of Charles Taylor.

"We have learnt about child soldiers and the violence against innocent people that took place during the war in Sierra Leone. We also have a partner school in Freetown and hearing from the pupils there has really brought this home to us."

We would also love to hear your school's reaction to other schools' news across the world, so please keep across the BBC World Class website on 8 May to see what everyone else is talking about, and to comment.

Finally, send us any pictures of your day. We will need the Head Teacher to sign this consent form before we can publish.

Remember, this is the day to have your voice heard!

Email: worldclass@bbc.co.uk

Twitter: #bbcassembly

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bbcworldclass

* Please note that it might not be possible to include all comments in our live events page on 8 May, but we will endeavour to include as many as possible.

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