8 May assembly kit

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Take part in the World's Biggest School Assembly on the BBC and send your message in to the special website at www.bbc.co.uk/worldclass.

This kit includes a short video, but there are lots of other ideas to get the conversation started so don't worry if you don't have a facilities to show the film.

You can also download a .pdf version of this page, which includes a video transcript, using the link below.

World's Biggest School Assembly on the BBC film dur 2,03

Teacher script to introduce the film

Worlds Biggest School Assembly live website on May 8

  • On May 8 you can get the latest headlines LIVE from the WBSA website and listen to special programmes on the BBC World Service
  • The website will be updated all day and you can comment on other schools
  • Send in your most important issue and other schools will comment

What do young people like you care about?

What's most important to you?

Today, we are part of the World's Biggest School Assembly and it's our chance to share our views.

Here are some examples of what young people care about in Japan, South America, Africa.

Show film - if you need a copy to download email worldclass@bbc.co.uk

Can't show the film?

PDF download 8 May kit - version for schools without internet[272 KB]

Don't have internet access? Download a .pdf version of this page which includes a transcript of the video.

Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader

So that's what those young people care about - now it's over to us.

Today we are going to choose something which we think is really important, and we'll tell the world what it is and why we have chosen it.


Get started: look at the headlines on the special World's Biggest School Assembly on May 8 - what are other school's saying? do your pupils agree?


Pupils can prepare in advance

  • You can invite 3 or 4 pupils to choose themes which are important to them - encourage them to share school and community experiences as well as commenting on wider issues.
  • Or they can ask everyone in their class what matters most to them and report back to the assembly

Get started: invite a team of pupils share themes which are important to them, or report back on a survey of their classmates


What kinds of news stories affect any of us, and why? Who has seen or heard any news today?

Who has talked about something which is happening? What made you talk about it? Were you worried? Was it exciting? Sad? Or surprising?


Is there something really important to you which has happened in your school, neighbourhood, or even in your family?

Maybe something good has happened - like a new place for kids to play? Or maybe there is a problem - like a dangerous road to cross. Or maybe you even have a new brother or sister?

You can highlight something which only you know about.


How to get in touch

As we are in the World's Biggest Assembly today our school has a voice and we can share what's most important to us with the rest of the world.

From all the ideas which we have talked about we need to choose one - you can vote or stand up for the idea you think is most important.

(If you have a mobile phone or a camera, take a photo of their vote to share with us.)

For more ideas see teachers notes.

Remember choose one thing - tell us why it's the most important

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