What is a school assembly?

Watch a pupil from Waldensia Primary School in Jamaica talking about her school assembly

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Just as school uniforms vary in style from country to country and from school to school, so assemblies also have their own unique quirks.

Some assemblies might be a quick five minuter, others might be a mega two hour marathon assembly!

Some assemblies involve hundreds of pupils, others cater to just a handful.

Some assemblies raise the roof with awesome singing. Others are so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Either way, school assemblies all have one thing in common. They're a coming together of students and teachers in one place for a shared purpose.

And that's what World Class is tapping into on 8 May. It doesn't matter what style of assembly your school is used to, we want you to join in with the World's Biggest School Assembly on the BBC.

World Class Top 10

To give you a taste of school assembly styles from around the world, we've compiled a list of our World Class Top 10 favourites!

10. The Alfresco Assembly - at Bishop Okiring school in Mount Elgon, Kenya, students gather outside in front of school buildings for their morning assembly. The headmaster reads notices and gives a motivational talk

9. The Five-Times-A-Day Assembly - students at Al Redwan school in Egypt gather together five times a day to say religious prayers and hear readings from the Koran

8. The Multiple-Mini Assembly - the 42,000 strong world's biggest school in India is so large they hold multiple-mini assemblies in five different languages

Assemblies around the world

  • Assemblies mean different things to different schools in different parts of the world
  • They might involve sharing news
  • Worship
  • A flag-raising ceremony
  • Reading school notices
  • Singing
  • Listening to a story

7. The Patriotic Assembly - at Mexican schools on Mondays, students parade the flag, sound a bugle and everybody salutes

6. The 21st Century Assembly - Fairlands Middle School in Great Britain regularly hold video conferencing assemblies with their partner school, School 108 in Russia

5. The Miniscule Assembly - one of the world's smallest schools, Holy Island First School in Great Britain, has just 8 pupils. We wonder if they also have the world's smallest assembly hall!

4. The Celebration Assembly - organised to mark religious, cultural or historic festivals. On National Day, children at Waldensia Primary in Jamaica hold an assembly which includes dancing, singing and guests talking about what life used to be like in Jamaica

3. The Olympic Assembly - schools around the world have been holding Olympic-themed assemblies in the run-up to the London Olympics. Four times gold medallist Sir Matthew Pinsent visited the Special School of the Olympic Reserve in Russia in 2011 and the school held an assembly in his honour

2. The Animal Assembly - Yes, you've guessed it....snakes, owls and armadillos have all been known to attend assemblies in the UK, when the 'animal man' comes to school

And in at Number 1, it's....

The World's Biggest Assembly on the BBC - we want thousands of schools from around the world set to take part in a huge global conversation

Email worldclass@bbc.co.uk to be a part of it!

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