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If you're looking for a spot of inspiration for your school's assembly, then you've come to the right place.

With just a few weeks to go to the big day itself, 8 May, schools across the globe are already getting in touch to tell us what their school is planning.

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Children attend a worship assembly at Aunab Foundation School, Kidderpore, India Children attend a worship assembly at Aunab Foundation School, Kidderpore, India

Schools put plans into place

Nick Styles, Strawberry Fields primary school, Leeds, UK, twinned with Kamuneru primary in Kenya

Kamuneru primary head Patrick Kibit gives gives British visitor from Strawberry Fields primary a guided tour

"Our school opened in 2006 in Garforth, an ex-mining town on the outskirts of Leeds. The children are very interested in sport and are also aware that they are privileged and work hard to raise funds for a charitable causes each year.

On the 8th May our Year 3 and 4 students will get together to discuss issues that Mr. Styles' visit to Kenya has raised, such as what does a school need to be a learning environment? How does having a fight in the playground stop you from learning? Can you imagine how the conflict in the Mount Elgon region stopped the children from learning?"

Gita Pattanayak, Geography teacher, Apeejay School, New Delhi, India

"We have about 500 students who assemble in the school auditorium during the assembly time.

Students in four different groups are working on four different aspects 'what matters to them' and they will present their views in front of the students.

The points given by them will be discussed in the assembly and finally voting will be done."

Debbie Webb, Head of PE, Vale First and Middle School, Worthing, UK

"We are aiming to have our whole school take part in an outside assembly (639 pupils). If wet we would reduce this to half - around 300 pupils and hold the assembly inside.

We have a link with a school in India and although there is a time difference we would be very interested in 'passing our message on' to them."

Stefania Zampiga, English teacher, Liceo Copernico, Prato, Italy

Stefania says, "We're excited and honoured to take part in the World's Biggest School Assembly."

On 8 May, Stefania's school are thinking of looking at an issue directly affecting the local community - how Italy's economic crisis is impacting Prato's textile industry and causing many factories to close.

Some of the students parents have lost their jobs and the students are worried for their own futures.

Stefania says, "With one class, the students have been looking at 'an ideal Prato' and some nice ideas have come out."

Michael Cox, Community Development Officer, Bedford Academy, UK

"I'm toying with the idea of having our assembly based around how to change your community for the better. Our community has been selected by Big Local (National Lottery) as an area of social deprivation and our community has been given a grant for £1m to spend over the next 10 years.

I envisage our assembly being on what the students identify as the problems in the area and how they would spend the cash if they had it! Should make for a lively discussion and extremely relevant to our current situation.

Big Local are looking for the youth voice and this is a perfect opportunity to share it. Would be interesting to link in with schools around the world to see how they would spend the money in their community if they had it?!"

Jayne Allen, Sports co-ordinator, Highfields School, Derbyshire, UK

We'll be be getting our students to sign a TRUCE WALL after the assembly which will focus on the opportunities the Games can bring to highlight the values surrounding participation and an update on our partner school in Australia .

Naboth Okadie, Principal, Bishop Okiring School, Mount Elgon, Kenya

On 8 May, our school is organising an open forum where 25 students will discuss topics which matter to them. These include factors that hinder girl education in Mt Elgon, the effects of conflicts on education in Mt Elgon, the importance of education, the importance of sport in the school curriculum, and the advantages of school partnerships. We have also planned an inter-class athletics competition where the best will be rewarded.

Derek Peaple, Head of Park House School and Sports College, Newbury, UK

On 1 April I will be in Mongolia to work with our BBC World Olympic Dreams Partner School in Ulan Bator, together with a colleague from Edlesborough Primary School, which is also partnered with School No.79.

This will be a unique opportunity to gather material for a joint assembly, building on our 14-month partnership to date. In a sentence, and, adapting our Olympic and Paralympic themed partnership, we will focus on 'What Values matter to us' - emphasising 'Friendship'."

Get involved

These ideas have already got the World Class Team excited and we hope they've whet your assembly appetite too!

So what are you waiting for? Don't delay, get the World's Biggest School Assembly kit today to ensure your place in the greatest assembly gathering on the BBC!

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