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Assembly on sporty science for 2012 suitable for key stage 2 pupils

Sir Steve Redgrave helps pupils understand how sport and science work together. Dur 1,44

Teacher script to introduce film

Have you ever done an experiment on a human being?

Olympic and Paralympic values

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Have you ever done an experiment on yourself?

Science can help you understand what your body is capable of; and your body can help you understand science.

Pupils at St Paul's Way Trust School in London are taking a active approach to learning science.

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They're using kits called "In The Zone" to carry out experiments on themselves and each other - and on five-time Olympic gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave.

Sir Steve thinks sport is an exciting way to become interested in science and wants pupils to be able to see first-hand the physical effects of exercise.

Show film and use the discussion prompts afterwards. Email if you would like a downloadable copy of this film.

What happens to your heart when you do exercise? On which parts of your body can you take your pulse?

Sir Steve Redgrave is a famous Olympian, do you know what sport he competed in? How many gold medals did he win?

Assembly Question

Sir Steve says he didn't really enjoy science at school, but if it involved sport he would have liked it more. What's your favourite subject?

Do you think using sport is a good way of learning about Science?

Why is it important to know your own fitness level?

How can science experiments help you improve your fitness level?

Ask the Assembly Question

Would you rather learn science or sport?

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