Schools Spotlight on Team Merlin Diamond

Latest: Schools in Scotland and Namibia count down to the London Games on March 15 2011, '500 days to go'.

500 days and 500 dreams for 2012

Children at St Mary's Episcopal Primary join in the count down

Schools Spotlight on Team Diamond

In the Spotlight this week are the Namibian schools previously attended by sprinter Merlin Diamond and their UK partner schools in Scotland.

Auas Primary in Namibia is twinning with St Mary's Episcopal Primary in Dunblane.

Jan Mohr High School in Namibia is twinning with Calderglen High School in East Kilbride.

Olympic Dreams Live gave representatives from Calderglen High School and St. Mary's Primary the chance to meet a teacher from Jan Mohr High School for the first time.

Namibian sprinter Merlin Diamond gets a glimpse of the Olympic Stadium

The pupil rep from Jan Mohr was World Olympic Dreams athlete, Merlin Diamond. She is one of just two WOD athletes still at school.

Auas Primary were unable to attend the event in London, but the British Council is working hard to bring the twinned schools together so watch this space!


Veronica Currie, teacher, St Mary's Primary St Mary's are getting read to celebrate "500 days to go" on 15 March, an important count down on the road to 2012. The school are preparing a display of posters and poems and an ambitious celebration to include races and a visual event - forming the Olympic rings with the pupils dressed in the colours of the rings.

March 2011: 500 days to go June 2011: pupils' dreams for the future December 2011: Merlin's birthday April 2012: 100 days to go

St Mary's have set out a plan which aims to build up to 2012, focussing on Merlin and including the hopes and dreams of children in Scotland and Namibia.

Birthday cards and messages of support for Merlin as 2012 approaches will celebrate Merlin's dream and encourage children to consider their own potential.


The partnership between pupils at Jan Mohr and Calderglen - represented by Merlin and Gillian got off to a great start.

Before the Games the Namibian athletics team will train at Scotstoun Leisure Centre in Glasgow near to East Kilbride.

Merlin knows that when she and the team arrive in Scotland they will have friends near by.

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