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Julien Absalon

Beaford Community Primary & Nursery School would like to work in a team.

Team building - primary and secondary assemblies about a training trek across a glacier

Icelandic glacier of Langjökull

Primary AQ: Would you prefer to take a trip somewhere hot or somewhere cold?

Perryfields Junior School in Chelmsford, UK would prefer to go somewhere cold.

Secondary AQ: Would you prefer to train on a glacier or in a gym?

King Edward Humanities College in Spilsby would prefer to train in a gym.

Farmilo Primary School from Mansfield took a vote and the favourite lesson was PE.

Boat carries pupils to school in Ecuador

School Journeys: canoe - primary assembly about children in Ecuador who travel to school on the Napo river.

AQ: would you rather travel to school by canoe or on foot?

Beaford Community Primary in Devon said: "We chose canoe because on foot we could get hurt because it's a rainforest and there could be things that can harm you, with a canoe you can't get badly hurt."

Half of the children in Doagh Primary School would like to travel to school in a canoe and the other half would rather travel on foot.

Mayfield Secondary School say they would rather go to school by car because it is a lot less effort and it is quicker so they don't have to get up too early!

Dream Big - primary assembly about Shawn Johnson who won gold at the Beijing Olympics.

AQ: Is it better to win a gold medal or Strictly Come Dancing?

Ty-Sign primary school in Risca, South Wales, voted that it would be better to win a gold medal.

Bolt's 'second mother' Lorna Thorpe

My favourite teacher - primary and secondary assemblies about Usain Bolt's PE teacher

AQ: Which is more important, hi- tech equipment or an inspirational teacher?

The pupils of Cambridge Primary School, Barrow-in-Furness think that an inspirational teacher is more important than hi-tech equipment.

Byers Green Primary School voted unanimously that it was more important to have an inspirational teacher.

King Edward Humanities College in Spilsby also wanted an inspirational teacher.

Abhinav Bindra aiming high Abhinav Bindra aiming high

Aiming for perfection - secondary assembly about Indian air rifle shooter Abhinav Bindra

AQ: Abhinav is always looking to improve. Is it possible to be perfect at something?

Mayfield Secondary School think that it is possible to be perfect at something but only if you dedicate your life to it, also they believe that you have to believe in yourself. Lastly they say never give up!

MC Mary Kom on a visit to her former school

Women in the ring - secondary assembly about World Champion woman boxer, MC Marykom

AQ: Should there be sports that only men or women should take part in?

Class 9B at Milton School think that most sports should be played by both sexes, but they should compete separately. However some sports like floor work are really only for women.

73% of St John's School students in Cyprus said no they should be mixed because sports should be inclusive for all.

Jemma's Special Journey - primary and secondary assemblies about a young gymnast with Down's syndrome

Young gymnast competes at the Special Olympics

AQ: Is it more important to win or take part?

At Hollinhey Primary School in Macclesfield the majority of children in Key Stage 2 believe that taking part is more important than winning.

At St Johns School Cyprus 87% said it is more important to take part.

Sevenoaks Primary School writes, "It is most important to take part because it makes everyone included and it is what you do that makes other people feel proud for you. It is also just for fun and so long as you try your hardest, that's the most important."

Fintry Primary School in Dundee all think that it is more important to take part than to win.

High Flyers - primary assembly about the youngest competitor at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

AQ: would you rather be a musician or an athlete? (Posh or Becks!)

Uphall Primary has many pupils who are already sporty - Lawson is a footballer and Cole is a golfer. 8 pupils want to play instruments, like Keri who wants to play the saxophone. 12 chose sports, like Ami who wants to be a runner.

An introduction to London 2012 - primary assembly

Computer image of the Olympic Park at night

AQ: Would you rather compete in taekwondo or trampolining?

Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit in Halifax voted as follows: Taekwondo 67%, Trampolining 33%.

Hollinhey Primary School in Macclesfield: Years 3 and 4 chose taekwando; Year 6 chose trampolining.

Raising Russia's sports stars - primary and secondary assemblies about an Olympic school in the heart of Russia

Dasha during competition

AQ: Would you like to go to an Olympic sports school?

Pupils at Hull Collegiate School voted nine to one against attending an Olympic school.

Jumping Higher - primaryand secondaryassemblies

Ivan Ukhov in competition

AQ: Ivan Ukhov is a Russian high jumper who switched to athletics from basketball. Would you rather go to the Olympics as a high jumper or a basketball player?

St Michael's Primary in Enfield decided on the high jump.

Downham Market Primary - the children voted for basketball, by a narrow margin of 134 to 126.

Kilmarnock Academy, Kilmarnock say both. Each has its benefits. The glacier you need your team to get through and there is less chance of giving up. The gym is more convenient.

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