A World Class challenge!


Pupils from St Patrick's in Kenya present students with an exhausting 2012 challenge: how many sit-ups can you do in 90 seconds?

Be warned: beating their score might be tricky!

St Patrick's School is situated in Iten, a small village in Kenya's Rift Valley. The area and the school are known for producing some of the world's finest long distance runners.

To let the world know how many sit ups your school can do email worldclass@bbc.co.uk runners.

St Patrick's is twinned with Highcliffe School in the UK through the BBC and British Council Olympic Dreams Network.

Your scores

Dorchester Primary School, Surrey, UK, got in touch to tell us that 22 Year 6 pupils completed 900 sit ups in 90 seconds - an average of 40 per child! They asked: "Can any other school beat us?"

Well, we're afraid the answer is yes - and they are from the same school! Another group of eight Year 6 pupils from Dorchester completed a fantastic 422 sit-ups in 90 seconds - which works out as just over 52 each!

Can anyone do better?

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