Broadening your horizons

Primary assembly about UK pupils who visit their twin school in Russia.

Louise and Amy discover how Russia educates its athletes. Duration 2,27

Teacher script to introduce video

Ask the assembly - would you like your school to link up with a school in another country? If so, which country and why?

Louise and Amy go to school in Cornwall in the south west of England.

They travelled to Ekaterinburg in central Russia to visit their partner school, the Special School of the Olympic Reserve. Neither Amy nor Louise had ever been to Russia before and were excited about the trip.

It took them over a day to get there. They travelled on two aeroplanes and also took a six hour taxi ride.

The Russian school trains its pupils to compete in the Olympics. It is very different to Amy and Louise's school.

To get to know their new friends, Louise and Amy learnt some Russian and also taught an English lesson for the first time. The film shows how they got on.

Show film and use the discussion points afterwards. Email if you would like a copy of the video to download.

What do Amy and Louise say about their trip?

What do you think you could learn from young people in other countries?

Does your school have any links with other countries? How do you keep in touch with these schools? What do you like about making friends in other schools?

Amy and Louise are going to try out some new sports inspired by the Russian school. Have you tried anything new as a result of your partnership, eg, sports, food?

Louise and Amy say everyone in Russia made them feel welcome. Why is it important to welcome people to a new place? How would you welcome visitors to your school?

Louise and Amy taught Russian students some English phrases. What would you like to learn from your twin school?

Assembly Question

Ask the assembly this question and let us know your school's answer.

Amy and Louise learn some Russian and also play volleyball. Would you rather learn a new sport or a new language?

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