Face Britain assembly

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Assembly about pupils whose portraits help paint a picture of Britain suitable for key stage 2

Student at St Cyres, Penarth, painting their portraits


  • Ask who knows what a portrait is?
  • Does anyone know why we have so many of them in galleries? (They were popular before cameras were invented etc.)
  • Has anyone ever tried to draw or paint themselves?

We're going to see a class from St Cyres School in Wales do their self-portraits.

First they have to learn how to draw their face in perspective - so it's all the right size.

They also have to try and make it three dimensional so it doesn't look flat.

Their teacher has asked them to be expressive, so they might not use normal colours for hair and skin... they might change things a bit.

Who can tell me what colours they might use to show different feelings?

We're also going to meet a famous athlete in this film - she's done a portrait too and can tell us what she learned from painting herself.

Show film and use the primary discussion prompts afterwards. Email worldclass@bbc.co.uk if you would like to download a copu of the film.

Face Britain

  • All British pupils aged between 4 and 16 are invited to take part.
  • Upload pictures by the end of March 2012.
  • Find out more about at www.facebritain.org.uk

Did you all notice how some of the pictures were different?

Why do you think some students chose different colours for their face or background?

What colours might you choose and why?

What is Dame Tani Grey-Thompson famous for?

Can anyone remember why she painted herself outside?

Do you think a self portrait shows what you look like or does it us more about you?

What does how you look say about who you are?

Ask the Assembly Question

Do you think a self portrait should show what you look like, or what you feel like?

Email your school's answer to worldclass@bbc.co.uk.

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