Overcoming obstacles

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Primary assembly about Alex from Kenya who had Polio as a child. Now education holds the key to his future

Overcoming obstacles assembly film

Teacher script to introduce the film

Olympic and Paralympic values

  • equality
  • courage
  • determination

Alex goes to school in the foothills of Mount Elgon in Kenya.

Alex had polio when he was four years old. Polio is a serious illness that stunted the growth in Alex's leg and left it twisted so that he cannot walk on it.

Polio used to affect people all around the world until a vaccination was developed in the 1950s which has been very successful.

Now polio exists only in a few countries in Africa and Asia and there is a global campaign to get rid of the disease altogether.

For Alex, the big question is his future.

Most people in Alex's village make a living by growing crops and keeping animals. Alex won't be able to do this so going to school is extremely important as it will give him opportunities.

This film shows how Alex is overcoming obstacles.

Show film and use the discussion prompts afterwards.

Ask the Assembly Question

  • Alex would like to be a lawyer but his school thinks he should be a teacher. Would you rather be a lawyer or a teacher?

What does Alex like to do at school?

What illness did he have as a child? How did the affect him?

Why is it difficult for Alex to get to school when it rains? How does the weather affect your journey to school?

Alex has five brothers and sisters. What is he doing that none of his brothers or sisters have done?

Alex wanted to go back to school to finish his education. Do you think it's important to go to school and why?

The head teacher lets Alex study at the school for free. Do you have to pay to go to school? Do you think you should have to pay?

Alex would like to be a lawyer when he grows up. What would you like to do and how will you get there?

Ask the Assembly Question

Alex would like to be a lawyer but his school thinks he should be a teacher. Would you rather be a lawyer or a teacher?

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