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Grund-und Realschule, Fockbeck, are twinned with Bookwell Primary School, Egremont, Cumbria

Pupils from Bookwell Primary School welcome Fockbeck teacher Anne Reich Dultz on her visit to the UK Pupils from Bookwell Primary School welcome Fockbeck teacher Anne Reich Dultz on her visit to the UK

Sarah Fawcett - Teacher, Bookwell Primary School:

As part of our partnership we have sent our friends in Germany a 'culture box'. Each class chose something that represented either England, Cumbria or our town of Egremont and then we created a video to send to them explaining what we had included and why.

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Our pupils were amazed to learn their German counterparts don't have a uniform.”

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One idea was to send a crab apple tree and to also plant one in our school grounds as a symbol of our friendship. The children generated some fantastic ideas and then had to vote on their favourite.

When Anne (Reich-Dultz, teacher at Fockbeck) came to visit us recently, the children were able to ask questions about their school and the gifts they had sent us in their 'culture box'.

World Class gifts from Egremont, Cumbra

We are currently comparing what TV programmes we like to watch and can't wait to see if we have anything in common that way. In the run up to Christmas we will also be comparing what traditions we both have.

We have also exchanged letters with some of the children in our partner school and the children are now writing letters to each other on their own accord.

Overall, the main similarities between our schools have been the type of lessons children receive, and this has lead to the children wanting to know what other similarities we have with our German friends.

To those thinking of twinning for 2012, I'd say: get set and go for it! Not only will it allow children to learn about the global community but it will prepare them for the Olympics and give an understanding of the concept of the 'friendly' Games.

Our school will be following the progress of the German Olympic team, as well as supporting team GB at the Olympics!

Anne Reich Dultz - Teacher, Grund-und Realschule Fockbeck:

Students from Bookwell Primary School explore their 'culture box' sent to them by Grund-und Realschule Fockbeck

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Twinning for 2012 is the best way to learn a language and get to know about other cultures and education systems - go for it!”

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The most successful aspect of the project so far has been the personal contact. I visited Bookwell School in the summer holidays with my two sons and we were very warmly welcomed.

We were introduced to all the Bookwell pupils when we were there and they were very friendly and excited about their visitors. I told my pupils all about my visit at the start of the new term.

The pupils at Fockbek are older because they don't start school until they're six. We have a primary school for classes 1-4 (Grundschule) and a separate school for classes 5-10 (Gemeinschaftsschule), where I teach.

I think the differences in the systems are interesting for our pupils who are keen to work on the project. They sometimes ask why the Bookwell pupils can't speak or write German!

Two of my English classes were involved in creative work for the culture box items we sent to Bookwell. We made posters, memory cards and flags and wrote recipes and profiles.

I'm hoping to establish penfriend links for both my English classes which will allow my pupils to have direct contact with students from another country. This will hopefully lead to the possibility of exchange visits.

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