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Secondary assembly about triathlete Alistair Brownlee's dedication to his sport

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Teacher script to introduce film

Ask the assembly if anyone knows the name of a sport that includes all running, swimming and cycling. Answer - a triathlon is made up of three parts - a swim, a cycle and a run. An Olympic triathlon course includes a 1.5km swim, 40km cycle ride and a 10km run. It is a test of stamina and endurance.

Alistair Brownlee is a World Champion triathlete who won the World Championships when he was aged 21 and has been competing since he was at school. He lives and trains in Yorkshire in the north-west of England. One of his younger brothers, Jonathan, is also a talented triathlete and often competes in the same races as Alistair.

Olympic and Paralympic values

  • excellence
  • inspiration

Alistair trains for 30 hours per week. Ask the assembly how much time they spend watching TV or playing sport per week and compare it to Alistair's training. He often swims at least a mile before breakfast, cycles between 15 and 80 miles and runs between four and 15 miles every day.

Show film and use discussion prompts afterwards.

Ask the Assembly Question

  • Would rather work inside or outside?

Who is Alistair Brownlee and what has he achieved?

What motivates him to stick to his training regime?

What has Alistair given up to succeed as a triathlete?

Ask the Assembly Question

Would you rather work inside or outside?

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