Trail blazers

Primary assembly about the first black athletes to compete at the Olympics for Britain

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Answers to Trail blazers quiz

Tessa Sanderson, gold, javelin, Los Angeles 1984

Daley Thompson, gold, decathlon, Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984

Colin Jackson, silver, 110m hurdles, Seoul 1988

Denise Lewis, bronze, heptathlon, Atlanta 1996 and gold, Sydney 2000

Kelly Holmes, 800m bronze Sydney 2000, gold for 800m and 1500m, Athens 2004

Athens 2004 McDonald Bailey, bronze, 100m Helsinki, 1952

Ask the assembly for a show of hands. Who has heard of Usain Bolt? Who knows what he has achieved?

Then ask who has heard of McDonald Bailey. If you do know who he is, can you tell me what he is well known for?

McDonald Bailey was a sprinter and one of the first black athletes to win an Olympic medal for Great Britain in 1952. Even though he could be described as the Usain Bolt of his day very few people have heard of him.

Tessa Sanderson is a female javelin thrower who won Olympic medals for Team GB in the 1980s and was the British woman to win Olympic gold in a throwing event. Tessa also wants lots more young people to get involved in sport.

In this video we find out about McDonald and Tessa's achievements and how their success has inspired other athletes to go for gold.

Show film and use discussion prompts afterwards.

Ask the assembly question

  • Would you rather win an Olympic medal in track or field sports?

Who is McDonald Bailey?

What did he achieve?

Why do you think it is important that people know about his success?

Who is Tessa Sanderson? What did she achieve?

What effect did her success have on people taking up sport?

Trail blazers quiz: can you name the other athletes shown in the video?

Ask the Assembly Question

Would you rather win an Olympic medal in track or field sports?

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