Schools Spotlight on Team Seebohm

Highfields School, Matlock, Derbyshire, is twinned with St John Fisher College, Australia

Danielle Maluga, Teacher, St John Fisher:

Emily Seebohm poses with pupils from St John Fisher College with her Beijing Olympics gold medal Emily Seebohm poses with pupils from St John Fisher College with her Beijing Olympics gold medal

It was wonderful to have Jayne (Allen, from Highfields) visit our College back in May. The College was intrigued to hear the stories of how school life is different in the UK.

We currently have Year 9 ICT students working on web-based projects that will be given to Highfields to provide them with information about our school life and also information on various aspects of Australian life and culture.

A successful element of the twinning has been how excited out students get about sharing information about their lives with their correspondents in the UK. They find it interesting how life can be different for other adolescents.

The students have also been made aware of the differences in schooling around the globe and have gained an appreciation for their own schooling environment.

Students from St John Fisher talk about Australian culture and quiz their UK counterparts

Jayne Allen, Teacher, Highfields School:

In May this year, I visited St John Fisher for a week and had a fantastic time.

I took part in a number of school assemblies in which I introduced Highfields to the students, and took Q&A sessions on what our school is like.

A competitor takes part in the long jump on St John Fisher day A competitor takes part in the long jump on St John Fisher day

I was even lucky enough to be there for the St John Fisher's day celebrations, including their sports day.

I took a number of ideas with me to Australia on how to link up various subject areas between the two schools. A Maths project is now underway to take place between the schools, collating vital statistics like the height and weight of our school athletes for comparison.

In addition to this, our Technology students are involved in a pupil-led project developing material on the culture of Australia, and our GCSE music students have produced an 'Olympic Fanfare' CD for use during events held by both schools in 2012.

Another great sequence of events are based around 'days to go'. For 300 days to go until the Games, both schools compared how far their athletes could run in 300 seconds. We'll repeat this for 200 and 100 days to go.

And finally - our twinning board displays all our project ideas and progress.

The twinning is going well so far - the whole school are embracing the project!

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