Women in the Ring

Primary assembly about India's world champion woman boxer, MC Mary Kom

Women in the ring dur 2,19

Script to introduce film

Women will be able to make history at the London Olympics.

For the first time ever, women's boxing has been included on the programme of events at London 2012.

Men have already been competing in boxing at the Olympics for over one hundred years.

MC Mary Kom from India dreams of being the first female Olympic boxing champion.

The 28-year-old started boxing ten years ago. She has had a difficult journey. Many people where she is from in northern India do not respect women boxers.

But through willpower, determination and courage, MC Mary Kom has literally fought her way to success.

By 2009 she had won four world titles and since this video was made, she has won a fifth one.

Her family and friends are proud of what she has achieved.

As you will see in this film, her success and dedication has made her an inspiration across India and she has encouraged a whole generation of girls to take up boxing.

Show film and use the discussion prompts afterwards

Ask the Assembly Question

  • At London 2012, women's boxing will be included for the first ever time at an Olympics. Do you think that boys and girls should be able to take part in the same sports?

Who is MC Mary Kom?

What has she achieved? What is her goal?

Why do you think it might have been hard for MC Mary Kom to succeed in a sport that is dominated by men?

Are you shocked at some of the images of female boxers in the video?

MC Mary Kom says that willpower is the key to success. Do you know what willpower is? Have you ever had to do something that needed willpower?

Lots of children in India have been inspired by MC Mary Kom. Who has inspired you and why?

Ask the Assembly Question

Do you think that boys and girls should be able to take part in the same sports?

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