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School Partnership Project Idea

World project: Culture in a box

This template plan is from the British Council schools team.

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Schools will exchange by parcel post the "culture boxes" containing 10 items. By choosing the items to put in, they will learn about "how others see us". By explaining their choices they will try to tell their partner school "how we see ourselves".

First activity

Choose team(s) in each school that will find 10 items that represent their country. They will collect these and send parcels to their partner schools (for expensive items, use cut-out pictures; or for large monuments use a photo or a model).

Exchange work

Students decide how to stir up interest and intrigue in their partner schools. They could create a quiz to see if the items can be guessed before they arrive. Or they could create PowerPoints about stereotypes. Or perhaps some helpful "Do's and Don'ts" - what to say and how to act when you see or use or eat the item! Useful references such as maps, websites. Agree dates.

Share responses

Photograph the box arriving and being opened. Were the guesses correct? Do the students know how to treat the objects? What did they expect and what was a surprise? (Use live discussion, an online forum, send postcards and cartoons). Feedback to your partner school.

Extension activities

  • Writing an essay: the most surprising item
  • Creating a presentation about the partner country(ies)
  • Role play video clips set in the partner country

Useful resources

Ideas list: symbol, food item, famous building, coin or stamp, clothing, famous painting, piece of music, transport, anthem, saying, handcraft, figurine…

Video: Teachers TV

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