The fastest man on the planet

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Assembly kit about Usain Bolt's school days for key stage 2

Usain Bolt indebted to PE teacher. Duration 3,40

Teacher script to introduce assembly film

What do you think you would need to do to become the fastest runner in the world?

Do you think you need all the latest equipment, like expensive new trainers? Do you think you would need to train in a stadium?

Usain Bolt knows what it takes because he's the fastest runner in the world. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008 he ran 100m in 9.69 seconds. That is faster than most cars.

Usain was brought up in Jamaica in the Caribbean. He went to an ordinary day school and trained on the school's dusty playing field. He did not have lots of hi-tech equipment but he did have talent, dedication and people that cared about him.

As well as running, he loved playing cricket and wanted to be a cricketer when he was very young.

It was one of his teachers that spotted his athletics talent and persuaded him to focus on running.

This film visits Usain's school to see how other people, including his PE teacher, helped him become the world's fastest man.

Show film and use discussion prompts afterwards.

Ask the Assembly Question

  • Is it more important to have hi-tech equipment or an inspirational teacher?

Which teacher does Usain talk about being inspired by in the video?

What do the pupils she trains say about her?

How does she make a difference to the pupils she trains?

How do you think she feels when she sees Usain compete?

Ms Thorpe is modest about her contribution to Usain's achievements. Would you be so modest if you were her?

Why does Usain give money to his old school?

How do your teachers help you do your best?

Ask the Assembly Question

Is it more important to have hi-tech equipment or an inspirational teacher?

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