A3 Anyplace, anytime, anywhere
BM Val Be my valentine
CU@9pm See you at nine tonight
CU Soon See you soon
DNR Dinner
XO Hugs and kisses
IAD8 It's a date
IM 4 U I am for you
Its F8 It's fate
KOTC Kiss on the cheek
LDR Long distance relationship
LTNS Long time no see
Luv U2 Love you too
Luv U Love You
MU Miss you
MUSM Miss you so much
QT Cutie
WAN2 :-* Want to kiss?
U4E Yours forever
UR4Me You are for me
:-) Smiling
:-* Kiss
@}--,--'-- Long-stemmed rose
:-D Laughter
:-)) Very happy
;-) Winking
:-& Tongue-tied
0:- ) Saintly
:-0 Shocked