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27 November 2014

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What Stonehenge all about?

We asked you for your thoughts on what Stonehenge was built for. Here's what you told us:

They look like a doorway. The shape is very similar to those found in Japan, to the entrances of some of their temples. Thus perhaps another place of worship?

Stonehenge was designed as an astronomical observatory and a ritual center for honoring the Goddesses and Gods, spirits of the Ancestors and strengthening the fertility of the Earth. It was and is a sacred Pagan site. Fortunately, the British government is slowly recognizing this fact, by allowing the Druids access at the correct times to this most sacred place. Thank you for letting me express myself. BYWYD iR GYMRAEG "Life To Welsh!"
Karel Sebek
For fighting warriors to be knighted...
Robert Burns
The builders created Stonehenge to house God's ark of the testimony under the capstone which the builders rejected. The Heel Stone.
Garry Denke
It was a place where people were killed - a gallows for the enjoyment of the king. The gaelic root is "stan heange" - translation - stone gallows.
Shannon Mitchell
"I haven't a clue what it was intended for, but I feel - as with all government owned projects - it's about time they finished building it!"
Darren Watts
I think Stonehenge is a kind of corridor to other dimensions!
Marijn Vermaat
Obviously to make people in the future think, 'Why did they build that'. A bit like Harlow and Stevenage really.
A N Onymouse

I believe that Stonehenge was originally built as a temple for the summer and winter solstices or a physical representation of the Goddess as the Great Mother for people to do ritual in or around. I also believe that while doing ritual within the confines of the structure you would feel that you were within the body of the Goddess. It seems as if later in time it was thought to be an astronomical instrument of some sort.
Demetra Hufnagel [11 years old]

I believe that it was a worship center and possibly had a roof supported by timbers. ( anyone have a better idea?) Charles Webster

"I believe that Stonehenge is a living temple representing the Great Goddess as The Universal Mother. The alignment is such that it seems that at the Winter Solstice the "Sacred Child" goes into the Earth between the stones representing her thighs, and at Summer Solstice, the "Sacred Child" is born from an opposite set of stones, again as thighs. I think that it was also a place to honour the ancestors, and later a hierarchical gathering place for religious and political purposes."
Wendilyn Emrys
"An ancient gameshow set? Or maybe the first ever bus shelter. Obviously the buses arrived much, much later".
Brendan Fisher
"Stonehenge was built in stages,mostly, as a sacred space to honor the ancestors."
Matthew DeHaven
"Well, its obviously a maintenance pit for flying saucers. Quite a good design in fact. Easy access to all sides with a large saucer park all round. Have to get back to my cooking. The mushrooms are nearly done."
Phil Jones
"A place for people to come together for weddings in front of the high priest."
Sue Garwood
"Dunno what it was built for, but whoever done it was a bit fik, cos they coincided the solstice 2002 with England-Brazil - doh!"
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