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24 September 2014

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Moonraking: Spooky Stuff: ley lines
View from Cley Hill
If you pick up a map of Wiltshire, the lay of the land appears to be completely random, affected in the main by physical formations. But look again and notice how many ancient sites appear to be in line with each other - strange coincidence or something more meaningful?
Cley Hill: ley lines across Wiltshire
• Ley lines
Lansdowne Monument

Close to the white horse at Cherhill near Calne is the Lansdowne Monument, a 38 metre (125 foot) stone obelisk erected by Sir William Petty in 1845. Some say that it is no coincidence that the monument sits directly on one of Wiltshire's significant ley lines.

The Wiltshire writer and established ley-hunter, Laurence Main discovered that an important ley - or 'spirit path' as he describes it - passes directly through Landsdowne Monument.

In his Walks in Mysterious Wiltshire, Main suggests that the third Marquess of Lansdowne "may have been led by masonic knowledge to build his monument" and according the Main, these monuments are often found on ley lines.

Old Sarum

Another significant Wiltshire ley runs through Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral and Clearbury Ring. Dowser Romy Wyeth, from Codford near Warminster, demonstrated to the BBC how a line of energy can be detected at the centre of Stonehenge, again at Old Sarum and running through to the Cathedral Close and beyond.

The subject of ley lines - at least what they represent - is a controversial area but the strength of evidence is compelling.

Many of Wiltshire's sacred sites are associated with ley lines and those who support the theory suggest that such locations act as a focus for these powerful earth energies - something of which our ancestors knew a great deal about.

However, for many archaeologists, the idea is very much a matter for conjecture, arguing that it's more about coincidence than knowledge of the earth's energy lines.

Salisbury ley

What do you think? Use the links below to share your ideas with others in Wiltshire.

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jonathan covington
bury st edmunds suffolk. there are leylines running through bury st edmunds, Abbey Gardens, the abbey ruins of the old ruined benedictine abbeyis built on them.

ian williams
ive been ooking into ley line association with enhancement of radio waves , and being someone who has travelled the many byways around my home i beleive stonehenge was an ancient market amongst other things , you can tell this by the direct route from there through avebury along the ridgeway and to goring on thames , which was probably as far as boats could travel up the thames. you then have many ancient places and also burial sites along this route , wherelse would travellers to stonehenge have buried theyre old and dying . also the summer solstice allows the most hours of daylight travel possible[ ie on foot] and on the trip home to europe etc there would have been natural food ripening along the route home .
Ley-line 1 Delphi Ley-line 2 Acropolis Ley-line 3 Olympia TRIANGLE DELPHI

Marshall Philyaw
I believe the vast network of leylines were especially useful for lost warfarers who could trust that no matter how far they might wander in any given direction they would be likely to eventually stumble accross a familiar marking, be it in the form of a standing stone, dolmen, sacred well, moat, beacon hill, castle, or in later years even a church! By sighting these or any of the other objects and formations both natural and manmade that would be recognizably part of a ley system, it would then be possible to know that by following the resulting allignment they would eventually hopefully find some form of safety and shelter. Think deeply on this and realize that the creation of this intricate system is (or was) quite enough of a clever accomplishment by the ancients without reading into it the notion of "magnetic earth energies" or whatever. Put yourself in the position of realizing that at some point in wanderings that may have become rather fearful you suddenly discover that you need only turn right or left and follow that good old straight path you just discovered to water, perhaps food, someone who could tell you where you are, or at least a crossroads by which another path might be chosen. What better way to produce "roads" over vast distances without the means to pave them? The allignments and the clearing away of natural debris were enough to make the thing be there without actually being that visable. That it was as straight as an arrow was the best clue of all. The objects that marked the ley system very likely had secondary uses as well. Astronomical, perhaps astrological, and probably even sacraficial in nature. But I believe their main purpose was to serve as guidlelines to signify pathways to other humankind in an otherwise lonely landscape.

nicola m
i belive the monuments are in there positions for a reason and its not just a coincidence that they are where thy are its obviously a very spiritual reason and this is why people feel very different when visiting thease places eg when i visit avebury i feel a strong sence of calmness and well being but when im at glastonbury i feel a scared sinking feeling of which i cant explaine and this occurs every time so thease places must have some kind of meaning

krzych kizier
Hi! Aggersborg-Fyrkat-Eskeholm-Trelleborg-Delphi- Siwa create a line. It's winter solstice sunrice line at Trelleborg! K.K.

I’m not totally sure but I’m beginning to think that the positions of monuments are more than a result of a series of random events, but rather more likely they are a result of increasingly more complex series of mathematical calculations based on key fundamental mathematical equations. Some examples could be e-prime, and the golden ratio. I am also beginning to believe that Stonehenge and other monuments on earth are positioned purposely for other reasons than predicting solar events, but rather the structure or form of the monuments were used to amplify earths resonate frequency, possibly to induce a higher level of deep meditation. And these lines are a result of a series of vector points on the surface of the earth where there is increased amplitude of the resonate frequency. Form = Function If you have any information you wish to share, contact Dave via the BBC Wiltshire website.





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