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24 September 2014

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Moonraking: The Landscape
Stonehenge Stonehenge

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• Stonehenge

Stonehenge is probably one of the most recognisable monuments in the world. The 5000 year old henge monument became a World Heritage Site in 1986 and is managed by English Heritage. Despite years of research and study the reason behind the construction of Stonehenge remains a mystery.

• Thoughts and Theories

StonehengeProbably the most famous henge in the world, Stonehenge continues to amaze and inspire the many thousands of visitors who come to see it for themselves. The stones, as we see them today, were erected some 4000 years ago.

Despite their size, the inner ring of Bluestones came from Preseli Mountains in Wales and there have been many theories put forward to answer just how they were moved. A few years ago, a group from Wales re-enacted one theory and attempted to move a bluestone from Wales to Wiltshire - but they were scuppered when the stone was transported by sea and the group's attempt ended up on the bottom of the Bristol Channel!

Stonehenge trilathonsStonehenge is also known as the 'Giant's Dance' and the stones thought to be erected by Devil, while in the C18th people believed scrapings from stones could heal wounds.

Controversial plans to remove current visitor centre, the A344 and cover the A303 aims to place Stonehenge back into its original landscape. Click here for more.

Mystic StonehengePeople continue to wonder just why Stonehenge was built with some suggesting it was used as a giant astronomical observatory. In truth, it's fair to say that we're as much in the dark as we've always been.

• Multimedia

VIDEO: Click here to see how the exclusion zone around Stonehenge was lifted in the summer of 1999. (Courtesy of BBC Points West)

VIDEO: Click here to see exclusive BBC Wiltshire video footage of the celebrations in 2002.

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audio gif AUDIO: Click here to listen to this special BBC Radio documentary exploring Wiltshire's obsession with circles - including Stonehenge.

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Click here for some magical images of Stonehenge, where you get the chance to see a complete 360° of the stones from inside the circle!

Click here for The Moonraking Gallery

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After a 2 hour journey I found out that you've got to pay to see Stonehenge. Parking is £3, an adult is £7 so our car of 4 adults ended up costing us £31 to have a look at it. This is the privitisation of our own history! Obviously this isn't exactly getting a bit of money for the 'upkeep', it's been there for 4754 years before English Heritage even existed... it obviously doesn't need a whole lot of preservation now does it... I guess all those fences keeping us out must cost a lot of money to build...What a scam. What a dissapointment. :(

I think the stonehenge is a nice piece of art too.

how did archaeologists find out how old stonehenge is please someone answer my question

Stonehenge could be a mechanical machine, working with nutating gears, as a crane to move and pull very heavy loads.

the learning center
i think the stone hedg is a nice pice of art

i think it was put there so the people in the feature could wounder what it was used for, and why it was put there

Wilde witch
I think, and everyones gonna laugh, that stonehenge is a time machine, as well as a meeting place, a moon worshipping temple, and an astronomical computer. it makes sense! but noone believes me! Whatever its for, its absolutely amazing, and we shouldnt have to pay to go in. Give it back to the people! our ancestors built it, us descendents should keep it!

Dean Talboys
You might be in the dark about Stonehenge but I'm certainly not. I keep telling the BBC I know the reason for Stonehenge. Why not reply to my eMail and judge for yourselves?

whoo! Thanks. I needed help on answering some quiestions on Stonehenge for my hoomework and this gave me alot of information Thanks Kt

stonehenge be rockin dis house. you is crazy if you aint knowin what it be!

wow amazing u dont realise how big it is

yazid bahari [from Malaysia]
wanna go there again..really miss that..

Stonehenge is off the chain son!!! You know that this monument is sacred because it has been aruond for so long. There is still so much to that we have not learned about it, and so much I want to know!! reppin 910

L. Coyote
You say: " In truth, it's fair to say that we're as much in the dark as we've always been." If you are an astronomer, this is a good thing! However, not so! ;-)

Yo YO Yo Stonehenge is tha BOMB!!!!!!

kayleigh miller
stonehenge is very intresting my family and me always go there when we go to cornwall shame we have to pay now though!!

kathryn laria
why are we still not sure who built stonehenge. i mean its been around for thousands of years & nobody knows the truth. c'mon people start finding out the real truth not just assumptions

I obviously like the looks of it, very fascinating

I believe we won't ever know what was it used for. So let's apply the archeological rule : when you don't know what it is used for, say it was used for religious ceremonies.

I love stonehenge! I am writing a report on it in history class!

shelly dasting
stone henge is fab

thx for info

nabila akhtar
i think it wicked id love to go there somtime

i think it´s a great building


candy baby
stonehenge is awesome!

amazing fantastic!

I think Stonehenge was wonderful. It is amazing, these great rocks surrounded in a circle! Great!!!

jayson higgins
get rid of the police

Kevin James
Hi - since the inner ring of bluestones come from Wales, perhaps people would be interested to know that the Welsh name for Stonehenge is 'Cor Y Cewri', which literally translated into English is 'The Giants's Choir'.

The Stonehenge is Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Gut now we have to pay to go in!!!! All because of the vandals!!!! They've ruined it for the whole world!!!!

i believe Stonehenge was built to ease the differences between followers of the sun and followers of the moon; a model of world issues just as relevent today as thousands of years ago. A full moon solstice is a sight to behold.

al crow
2005 solstice was so beautiful. 20yrs on for some of us. love, light and peace.

ive seen alot of stonehenge and have heard even more, now i just can't wait for my first ever experience at the summer soltice 2005!

I think that Stone Henge is very fascinating as i went there on the 29 May . It was fun to see them even though its just Stones in the middle of a field and i sounds really boring but it isn't !!! I think it was fun learning about the history of Stone Henge and how people moved the stones 5000 years ago from miles away !!


i think you should include more about why people think it should be a wonder of the world. Life magazine considers it to be a wonder of the "ancient world" and im doing a project on it. your site didnt help me much

The british people are the desendence of Israel oldest brother Esau they left the middle east because of famine and confict they sail the mediaterain ocean for a more peacful place,this is where all the small clane came from in brave heart.They id themself with their mothers tribs.

i find its the mostfascinating thing...likehow could things so giant could be built without sofisticated machines...its wondrful...probably the biggest mystery of our small universe...and if we do believe that it can be built then what for?...people back then were intelligent enough to find astrological movements!!!!!!!!

It is a magnifique website and i will encourage everybody to see it. Wonderful, that was wonderful. I can't find other words because of my poor vocabulary.

i think it wuz made 4 astronomical uses cuz how could they have religon back in da day? i have never been in stonehenge cuz i live in da USA!!! i bet itz gr8 there!!!


stonehenge IS really intresting..and i agree with "4 homwork" because there isnt a lot to do 4 a 500 word archaeologists report...COS I@M DOING 1 TOO!!! but really .....its a great site!

4 homwork!
this site is really useful for info and stuff but there should be more details about the stonehenge (sorry)because you can't do an archaeological report; with 500 words to write. But it's a great page!! hehe LOL

janice compton
i belive that the stone henge was bulit by the celts to worship the gods

jordan walvin
the stonehenge is great i have visited it many times and drunk there many times its great
Stonehenge is geodesy survey clock:Stonehenge-Newgrange,Stonehenge-Aggersborg,Stonehenge-Fyrkat,Stonehenge-Eskeholm,Stonehenge-Trelleborg etc.

I think its really useful for studying

Stonehenge is the most sacred place in the world. I have visited several times but only via astral projection so far. Great site! Thank you.

congratulation your web page

Belen and Julieta
We think that page is very interesting and teach more information

I think that stonehehge is a miteriuos place of gales. by by galenses

maca y giuli 6°c
this page has supper information

Sofia and Ailin.
I think that it is very very cool.

Sofia and Ailin.
I think that it is very very cool.

facundo y sergio
Stonehenge is a very beatiful monument,and it has a lot of mysteries.It is very destroyed


lucas y agustin 6ºb
this is a very special page and this is very informative and fantastic.i like this because this is beatiful and informative

mauro and jona 6b
i thing the page is very very good and is very informative i love this page.

Just a thought
We look to our past too much... Things such as Stonehenge are spriitual, intriguing, and full of an essence people no longer care to try to grasp... It seems that mystery is the source of you inspiration and inspiration is nothing.. passion is nothing unless you understand it. I think many are misunderstood about the past of course.. mostly about the present. WAKE UP and be who you are meant to be.

Shelbi Johns
I think the Stonehenge is the most breathtaking site in the world i havent seen it but i give an arm and a leg to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very interesting documentry, but no mention of Aubry Holes relating to the Moon ?

Russell Edwards
I visited Stonehenge and avebury last summer. While visually less spectactually, Avebury was more enjoyable because the energy of Stonehenge is totally ruined by the management practices, that feel more like a prison or a McDonalds outlet than a piece of ancient history.

Carlin Jones
These stone Henges always remind me of King Arthur cause I love his stories my character is Guinevere Thank you, Carlin.

Stonehenge is an amazing site! I hope you enjoy your visit as so many others do. Please support my educational site on it:
i spent alot of time hanging out round at these places and in my opinion you couldn't get a better history lesson if you sat at the front of the class for a year...

Marvin Eleazer
Absolutely Amazing. I've wanted to visit my entire life and finally got the opportunity this summer. The experience of walking around the site was near spiritual. Even though the area was covered with tourists everyone was extremely quiet in complete awe of this breath taking monument left for us to appreciate. I believe it has astronomical and religious value.

Aaron Lall
Its just amazing who got them on and how they did it

Natalie Hornshaw
Whilst Avebury is an amazing site, I found Stonehenge to be much more interesting and accessible. The shop wasn't too expensive either unlike the Avebury where a wooly jumper cost over £71!! As for Stonehenge's mystical qualities? I'm doubtful and if you want to see a place which was used to house the dead then I suggest West Kennet Long Barrow, that place has more of an aura than Stonehenge will ever had, plus not too many tourists visit it and you can actually go inside the barrow.

Karel Sebek
Stonehenge was designed as an astronomical observatory and a ritual center for honoring the Goddesses and Gods, spirits of the Ancestors and strengthening the fertility of the Earth. It was and is a sacred Pagan site. Fortunately, the British government is slowly recognizing this fact, by allowing the Druids access at the correct times to this most sacred place. Thank you for letting me express myself. BYWYD iR GYMRAEG "Life To Welsh!"

Wendilyn Emrys
"I believe that Stonehenge is a living temple representing the Great Goddess as The Universal Mother. The alignment is such that it seems that at the Winter Solstice the "Sacred Child" goes into the Earth between the stones representing her thighs, and at Summer Solstice, the "Sacred Child" is born from an opposite set of stones, again as thighs. I think that it was also a place to honour the ancestors, and later a hierarchical gathering place for religious and political purposes."

They look like a doorway. The shape is very similar to those found in Japan, to the entrances of some of their temples. Thus perhaps another place of worship?

Darren Watts
"I haven't a clue what it was intended for, but I feel - as with all government owned projects - it's about time they finished building it!"

• How to find it

On the A344, 7 miles north of Salisbury and 2 miles west of Amesbury.

Ordnance Survey: SU125425
Click here to see Multimap location

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