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24 September 2014

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Moonraking: The Landscape
Old Sarum Old Sarum

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Entrance to Old Sarum
• Old Sarum

Old Sarum started life as a huge Iron Age hillfort and subsequently saw occupation by the Romans, Saxons and later the Normans. Today, the site, which lies to the north of Salisbury, boasts the ruins of a bishop's palace, cathedral and castle and its position offers some impressive views of the south Wiltshire countryside.

• Thoughts and Theories

Old SarumAs well as its commanding position, some suggest that another reason for Old Sarum's occupation was due to the earth energies that run through the site.

Dowsers have demonstrated that a strong, powerful leyline runs from Stonehenge, through Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral and on to Clearbury Ring.

The original cathedral at Old Sarum is reputedly built on the boundaries of three Anglo-Saxon hundreds (administrative areas), which some say were laid out as a result of energies detected beneath the site.

It is also said that new Sarum's street layout mirrors these lines of energy - coincidence or 'divine' intervention?

Also lying on this ley, and to the south of Old Sarum, is the site of the Parliament Tree, under which elections were held for the Rotten Borough of Old Sarum.

Old Sarum entranceUp until 1832, Old Sarum consisted of only three properties and only 31 people had the vote - but until the 1832 Reform Act, the 'borough' was still entitled to elect a Member of Parliament.

The Doomsday Book was partly written at Old Sarum, where, upon the book's completion, William the Conqueror summoned England's land owners to declare their allegiance.

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Mary Bulgin
Think of why these people in history built a castle at old sarum. Here are some maybe you can add some more: In the Salisbury area there was not a castle already built near by. If you build it on a hill you can see everywhere. There is a river near by which would have had fish and water in it (ECT). Fields surrounding the castle/hillfort are empty which makes room for development. Roman roads were near by which meant easy travel and they could keep an eye on who was travelling on the roads. Because it was built on a hill it was hard for enemies to get at them because it would have been hard clambering up a hill while having arrows fired at you! Please add some more reasons to build a castle/hillfort at old sarum at the time.

John E. Parfect
I lived in Salisbury in the early 50s on Assisi Rd.and we had a fine view of Old Sarum & the Rings. In the mid 50s I ran x-country for Salisbury & District A/C,using the Old Sarum Rings to start and finish a race. At no time did I have an inkling as to the great historic importance of Old Sarum,and "yes" I'm Sure I picked up some of the earts energies that you say,"run thru the site"I now live in Canada, and not a single day goes by that Wiltshire and in particular Salisbury/Old Sarum, are not in my thoughts. You don't realize what a wonderful place it is until you're too far away to really appreciate it.

Leylines oh come on!! I expected better!

you don't need to dowse to find the leys, just go up at night and *look*

Nathan Clough
I have been studying Old Sarum since September 2004 for my GCSE coursework and I have learnt how beautiful this place is. Its hard to imagine what Old Sarum was like 5000 years ago but from what i've learnt there was a lot of friction between the church and goverment, the general public took sides and there was a civil war. Old Sarum is an important place for history.

Hannah Roberts
It's a good programe but it doesn't tell you were the doomsday book is I think you should because my teacher gave us homework to find out were the book is and what it is + who wrote it

I grew up under the shadow of Old Sarum - it has always been a place of great mystery and as a young boy it was a great place to play. Now I don't live there everytime I travel to Salisbury I travel down the old Roman road from London (from the village of Ford). It's an imposing site as I top the hill from Ford. Interestingly I live in a place that has a memorial stone marking the passage of the Roman road from London to the South West (now commonly known as the A30), but this stone mentions Sorviodunum (Old Sarum) ! Enjoy, the Stonehenge environ is huge and wonderful....."step straight, high and slowly fore you tred the path of the elders past."

• How to find it

Old Sarum lies one-and-a-half miles to the north of Salisbury, off the A345 to Amesbury.

• Ordnance Survey: SU141326
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