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29 October 2014

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THIS STORY LAST UPDATED: 31 December 2004 1531 GMT
Gavin Turk: et in arcadia eggo
Roche Court a small, private sculpture park a few miles outside Salisbury.
Roche Court a small, private sculpture park a few miles outside Salisbury.
The notorious Brit Artist Gavin Turk is at the New Art Centre this summer.

A giant egg, a 17 metre long trompe l'oeil and a mythological figure in a sleeping bag to think on...

New Art Centre Sculpture Park and Gallery

The New Art Centre

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Exhibition: Gavin Turk: et in arcadia eggo
27 April - 13 July 2003

Opening times:
• From Apr 27:
Mon-Sun 10.30am-5pm, • Ends Jul 13
• Cost: free

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An exhibition by the notorious Brit Artist, Gavin Turk, will be at the New Art Centre, Roche Court this summer.

Gavin Turk made a name for himself, literally, very early on in his career with his now infamous 1991 Royal College of Art degree show.

His show featured a single blue English Heritage plaque with the inscription "Borough of Kensington Gavin Turk Sculptor Worked Here 1989-1991".

Gavin Turk Egg Sculpture
Gavin Turk Egg Sculpture

But this memorial to a career that hadn't yet started with the distinct absence of actual work left the RCA cold and he was refused an MA certificate.

From then on he continued to explore what it means to be an artist and became best known for his life-size waxwork self-portraits of himself in a number of familiarly iconic guises, ranging from Sid Vicious to Che Guevara.

Now the no-longer-so-young star of the British contemporary Art scene has turned his attention away from himself and towards his audience more specifically their reactions to his works of art.

His most recent work 'Nomad', a painted bronze cast of a figure in a sleeping bag, is displayed out on the streets where Turk can watch people's reactions to it.

At the New Art Centre the idea of spectating on and enforcing the spectators' viewing experience is developed further.

'Nomad' on view in Gavin Turk's solo show, Copper Jubilee at the New Art Gallery in Walsall.
'Nomad' on view in Gavin Turk's solo show, Copper Jubilee at the New Art Gallery in Walsall.

Inspired by Roche Court's traditional Arcadian landscape the mythological heroine, Ariadne, is given the Turk treatment.

Gone are the opulent swathes of drapery instead the sleeping figure of Ariadne is shown in a sleeping bag. In so doing Ariadne becomes a 21st century contemporary.

Even the 17 metre-long wall of the gallery itself is to be treated to Turk's own unique twist with a trompe l'oeil which promises to challenge the very dynamics of the building.

Within the grounds of the park a sculpture of a giant egg, Oeuvre, illustrates Turk's fascination with the cycle of birth, life and death.

The commonplace and domestic egg sitting in a natural open-air environment is made both comic and surreal by its sheer size.

But as a symbol of birth, creation and of fragility it represents the delicate balance between life and death.

Overall the exhibition promises to challenge the classical notions of perspective.

With his work Turk is asking us to consider, once again, how we look at the world and how we fit into it.

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