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20 April 2015
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Outdoors and Attractions Features

In Pictures: Pride & Prejudice
Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy at Wilton

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darcy is the most honourable man. why aren't nowadays men like that? the world would be a much better place.beautiful actor play, i doubt that i will be able to take matthew Macfadyen in any other role. wish I lived in that time. Sigh*

Natane (Brasil)
Ah só Deus mesmo!!

Miranda - México
I LOOOVVE YOUUUUU Mattew!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.Darcy has a wonderful intensity in his eyes which is very appealing.I once dated a guy like that..was kinda wonderful.

Kimberly in USA
I guess we got lucky here because apparently the american ending has a lovely kiss!! If you missed it in the UK you can see it on youtube. I agree with everything else. I also watch it at least once a week.

Just watched this movie 4 the 1st time, then watched it again str8 away!!!! I just wish they'd kissed or cuddled or something at the end?!?!

I have seen this movie a thousand times. I'm in love with Mr. Darcy and I wish I could be Lizzy. They're both so beautiful. I love Matthew's eyes. Too bad he's married! I am too actually!

Aah...if only there is still one man like Mr. Darcy for me.... Well, we,girls, always have something to hope for, right?

Kailah Jackson/ U.S.A.
well I found out about this movie online after I read the book. Th very first time I watched it I was HOOKED on Mr.Darcy(Matthew Macfayden). I watch this movie like every single day!!!!:)

damn hes so fine i love how he looks in the movie ride and prejudice HES SO FINE HIS THE FINEST MAN ALIVE

Desde el mundo hispano, les digo digo que el papel desempeñado por Matthew Macfadyen en Orgullo & Prejuicio fue lo maximo, le quedó como anillo al dedo, sus aire arrogante como mirada y voz enamorada fue espectacular, Dios siga bendiciendo la vida de este hermoso actor

it was so greatplaying and musicianall was soooooooooooooosoft

Well.what can i say?i've become obsessed of the movie because of Lizzie and mr.Darcy...There aren't men like him these days.Women?Perhaps,but men surely not.I just wish i could live in that age when people did see more to life and its values than we saw them nowadays...well,i can live with that dream,'cause it will never happen...

Mr Darcy is a very interisting man.I love this film!

Aiden's novels of "Fitzwilliam Darcy" are great to read, and especially imagining Matthew as Mr. Darcy, with his voice and eyes. *sigh*

please make more of jane austen movies!!!

Chantal from holland.
he's so cute, i wish i can merry him in the movie, he is there so handsome!xje.

i love mr. darcy!!!i read the book and then saw the movie.MATTHEW IS PERFECT!!!Love his voice!! oh, mr darcy lol

Mr. Mattew Macfadyen, the most sexiest and prejudice man ever, haha, just kidding, is Mr. Darcy who is like this. good performance!

Keira, way to go!

I enjoyed your work Mathew.

You´ve bewitched me Mr. Darcy,body and soul...Keira you are beautiful,too. Thanks to you both,i´m floating in the air. I wish men were like Mr.Darcy and women like Lizzy...

i love pride and predjudice onm i watched this movie more than a million times and i am absolutely in love with matthew macfadyen as mr. darcy he is so hot and wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sort ashamed to admit this is my favorite movie ever, cos blokes arent supposed to like this stuff, I fell in love with feisty lizzy first time through. Damn I miss so much of a movie fisrt time through, 5 times watched and im starting to get it properly:)

Have you ever fallen in love with a character in a novel? I have--and Matthew Macfadyen's depliction of Mr.Darcy is nothing less than perfect!

I loved the film....and I loved Mr. Darcy too. Pride and prejudice is my favourite book, the power of love is the most important thing I believe...and I never thought that the movie will be so great...but I loved it

Matthew is extremely hot

Kelly Jo
He is totally sex on stick

omg i luv mr. darcy matthew is such a good actor i love dis movie i watch it every day i wish that real life was like this am i right?

The downside to this movie? It has turned me into a Lizzy/Darcy addict. I love it love it love it!

i very lov mr darcy(matthew)from the bottom and top of my heart and wants him for me and want to marry him ... love you sweetheart...

he is the best!!!!

it was the best movie i have ever seen in my entire life.i love Darcy,Elizabete,music,.....ive seen it 100000 times and still i am crazy about it!i think its the best romance movie ever made with so so so lovely charachters and actors!WOW

Pringle xox
I Love this movie SOOOOO Much, Matthew and Kiera played the parts so well. But I wish they had made a better ending, like say, Lizzie ran out and jumped into Mr Darcy's arms, that would have been better insted of Mr Bennet laughing, lol! I watch this movie 2 times a day, yes I know, I am a sado, but I just LOVE it!!! I have read the book, they did leave out loads, but I think it has improved it in some way. I wish Matthew and Kiera were actually going out, that would be cool, lol.PringleXoXoXoX

I love Mr. Darcy, he is georgeous, sexy and he look very cute whith Elizabeth, pride and prejudice is the best movie of the world...

this movie is so moving..! its my all time favourite..!! the scenery in it is incredible..! mr. darcy's home is has to be my dream house.!! amazing..!

omg!!! he is absolutely gorgeous!!! and hes a fabby actor x lyl x m darcy xxxxxx :P

omg!!! he is so fit xxxx :P

I think it´s one of the greates movies alive and you (romantic fans) would damn you if you hadn´t watch it.Moreover i would appreciate to see matthew macfadyen and keira knightley in a drama together because there is something when they are together which i hadn´t seen so far within other couples. I hope you agree with me. But it´s necessary to watch this film

I think it´s more than one of the best romance movies in the world. It´s more than a pleasure to watch this film.It´s a unique work with adoreable and unique actors.I love it and I can´t stop watching it.It´s more than a simple love story. The film display another world with other people, other thoughts and other behaviour. I wished it was me who could have lived in that century because finding love was different than today. It may not be said that it was simplier but it was different and it was a bidding for love. this is a fact which impressed me the most and I can´t deny that I´m addicted to it.

keira & matthew...I was falling in love with both of you.I never feel like this.It`s really a good job!congratulation because both of you make me think how LOVE is so powerfull in our life.I also love Mr.Darcy`s beautiful eyes and voice!Thank you for director and crews.

OMG this movie is incredable! Kiera plays the part sooo well. I luv the settings. If you haven't seen it you are missing out on a great movie. It is one of the best romance movies of all time.

I have never seen such a beautiful movie in my life. Every time I wach it my hart fils with love. Thank you.

i love pride and prejudice and would do anything to come and stroll along the gardens of pemberly, my mums a single parent and cannot afford to take me. i am the biggest fan.e-mail me at-

this film it the best of the year. i just loved darcy,he is perfect... i have seen the movie than 20 times and i just can` t stop. i loved.. i want see the second but is no exist.. i hate that..

Indeed Bel you're right, I can't stop looking at this film too.It's so great!I think it's the first time an actor(matthew macfadyen)drive me crazy like that!!!And I don't care if people think that it's stupid

What can i say about this film?! It was the best of the year!!!!!I just loved Keira beeing Lizzie .. and Matthew ...he was just perfect!!!!I have seen the movie more than 12 times and I just can´t stop ....

There isn't much that I can say that hasn't been said about this movie or Matthew Macfadyen's role as Mr. Darcy. However, I'v done nothing since the first time I'v watched this version of Pride and Prejudice but rewatch it or dream about it. So much so that I do believe that Matthew is now my famous crush. I hope for nothing now, but to see him in more movies as credible as this one.

Matthew, is smart, sexy, seductive and clever in this role. He is the only Mr. Darcy!

Pride & Prejudice was the best romance/love movie ever. If i had the movie i would play it over and over again. Everytime i look in blockbuster and find that movie i always think of Mr.Darcy and wish to be Lizzy beings Mr. Darcy is so hott.Thats the best love/romance movie i`ve ever seen in my life.


this movie was the best i wacthed more than 100 times cause i ♥ it it was the best movie ever just like the notebook but much better♣♣♥☻☺

Isabel Hodge
Mr. Macfadyen has accomplished himself as the perfect Mr. Darcy. Well done!

I have liked very many this film, since, in its totality, as much in the distribution, as the clothes, scenery, etc, are masterpieces. Also I have liked much the interpretation of Keira Knightley and the one of Matthew Macfadyen. I also have seen other adaptations of this novel in the cinema, and it seems to me that this one fulfills totally all the espectativas.

I loved the book and I love the film too. When I got my hands on that DVD I watched nine times trough and trough and couldn't get enough. This was the best romantic movie I've ever seen!

Ohhh I don't know what to say this was a great movie I am depresst but I have never in my hole life seen a movie like this, It's sucha good movie and I don't like classic music but after this I listen every day on the soundtrack for the movie and I see it so often i can and I cry out and I wish sometimes that I am Lizzie and can live in her life to marry Mr.darcy. I have seen the other pride & prejudice from 1995 and that was to a great movie and I fell in love with Colin Firth that playing Mr. Darcy he was sooooo great and when he kisst Lizzie i really sat there and wish that i was here. Ohhh these two movies are the best i have ever seen and i can not go to bed if not have seen the movie or listen to the songs, ye It's great movies and I can not deside which is the best of them but the latest movie have best music:).

This movie is the greatest. Matthew and Keira are great together. They make this movie the best. I love it to pieces. I have memorized the whole movie.When I first saw it, I was totally in aww. I have every picture of Matthew and Keira. He is SOOOOOO HANDSOME. And she is SOOOOOO Beautiful. I think the director did a great job on this film. Even though he's a guy.

R bossy
wow,wow,wow.i never thought that a romantic movie could be so entertaning. love seeing mr darcy look so hurt and liz torturing him. love da music n da story. but ever heard of someone sleep walk, well yeah my mom does. two weeks ago i heard noises in the night and came out to see my mom dancing in her room. i laughed so hard when i heard her said the name darcy. poor mom thought she was dancing with mr darcy.well yeah my mom still hadn't heard the end of it. but great movie and thats all i could say becuse i'm not the type who gives compliment to others.

When I first saw the movie I was totally in aww.He is So Cute ! since I've seen the movie I have been googling for pictures of him! He is SOOOO, HOTTT!! I have seen the movie about 2 dozen times! he is the best actor to ever show in a movie!!! HE is soo HOT AND AWESOME. I don't think that they could of picked a better actor for this movie!!!! Besides he looks great in the outfits of that time period. His eyes are gorgeous! I love his hair too. Matthew is a great actor and I am looking forward to the next movie that stars HIM!

sweet Jazz
Me and a good friend of mine, Ben, were watching this movie. I kind of had a little crush on him. In the begining of the movie he said he felt sorry for Liz and he kind of like her. Towards the end of the movie where Mr Darcy look so damn good my friend and i couldn't take our eyes off the T.V. I was enjoing it so much untill Ben whiper to me," u kno Jazz, 4 a second there, i was gay." i couldn't control my anger because i like him, i jump up and start yelling down on him, and the poor guy was trying to figure out the new me. He then start yelling at me back and we got a big fight can imagine the rest. After when he left i watch the rest of the movie and i must admit, Mr Darcy does turn people on. I must also admit that since the fight with Ben, i kind of have no crush on him anymore because i'm inlove, with Mr Darcy.Funny how a movie can completely change a part of you.

damn this movie was great. i usually don't finish watching movies, but this one got me from the beginning till end. wow!!!! mr darcy was great. he's sexy,and mysterios.and the way he look so hurt,worried and uneasy made me want to scream at liz for being such a damn fool not to comfort him. liz was also great, she sure does know how to hurt a man. *if i have one wish, that will be having mr darcy as my darcy's friend and liz sister were also great.keep it up, your on my top 10 list of my favourite movies. and believe me i'm so hard to please when it comes to movies.

...I love this movie!!! once i red that people can fall in love with a movie, than i thought that was ridiculous...but now...I certainly have...and mr Darcy...o my God! so...mmmmm...:D

This movie is better than the others, my friend Rose and i watched it more than 10 times. Mr Darcy is the best actor.Rose cried most of the time saying it hurts when you fall in love."shocked" becoz she doesn't believe in those stuff.To Mr Darcy, "i don't know what you did to my friends and me but please try not to look so handsome or act so damn good next time, there is enough heartache already."

I'm da kind of person who doesn't believe in love, but watching Mr Darcy changed that.Ilove him.the movie is great.Love the actors and great music.I love how Liz and Darcy respond to each other. Great movie.Mathew M should be on more movies and i'll be watching them all.I LOVE HIM SO MUCH IT HURTS.

i think mr darcy's charter is so intreaguing he's so mysterious quiet and troubled. matt is so cute and right for the part i just love him

i love matthew (mr darcy) in the film he is soooooo fit!! i think they all did really well!! i like the way mr darcy was all shy hes sooooo cute!!!!

carol smith
The film was beautifully done. The music was beautiful. I think the actors Knightley and Mc Fadden were great. Judi Dench was superb as always and Donald Sunderland. I would have liked to see Darcy emerge from the lake in the film, also It would have been nice to see Darcy and Elizebeth kiss at the end of the movie. I enjoyed it though. It was a lot shorter then the bbc's series with Colin Firth which was superb.

oh matthew macfayden is beautiful as mr. darcy, he is so so so HOT!


I love jane austen and P&P is my fave story, Kiera was missing something but i think they all did very well, the only problem was the story, they miss loads out but i guess thats due to timing! xoxox

I loved Matthew as Mr. Darcy, he's sooooo hot, probably K. Nightley could've done it a little bit better.

i saw the movie and im completely in love with mr darcy! it´s amazing, beautiful, perfect! that blue eyes! it´s a great movie, i love jane austen

spanish girl
oh my gosh i love the movie and mathew is so good !!! i think that i love he. i love mr.darcy i saw the movie 3 times and mr. darcy is fantastic

I liked as much as the BBC serie, and I didn't know Mathew Macfadyen, I think is a handsome boy but I prefer better Collin Firth.


I loved the new film but the old one was better and always will be. unbeatable! but well done to them i think that it was brave of them to give it a go

Well, well, here's a to do. Miss Elizabeth Bennett does appear to lack a certain substance, a certain intelligece perhaps. But Mr Darcy - oh yes! Perfect!

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