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20 April 2015
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Your Wiltshire Pictures

You are in: Wiltshire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Your Wiltshire Pictures > In Pix: Wiltshire Floods

In Pix: Wiltshire Floods

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Let us know if you were affected by the severe weather conditions. Also if you have photos send them to

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y cant my house be on there its my streeeeeeet

Sarah Olijnyczenko
lol that's my dog Toto!

Samantha Bird
I too was a flood victim, I was on my holiday in Turkey at the time to recieve a text from my sister to say that our house in Blunsdon Road was one and a half foot under water!!! The Warminster Fire brigade were wonderful I was told, but the aftermath and devastation the flood caused was an awfull experience. The flood water that swamped our home was sewage so we are currently deemed homeless untill the insurance company moves in to strip out and re decorate.I have heard that Thames Water and the Council have alot to do with this problem and do hope that the problems that have occurred will very soon be sorted.

The Honda factory got off lightly.. Only the car park was affected. They opened their flood gates to let the water out...

I doubt Honda was as flooded as South Marston was, thanks to them opening their flood gates to save their car parks...

I know there is a Honda factory in Swindon-they are building the new civic there if Im right... was it also destroyed or damaged by floods?

Another Swindon Resident
The reason for the Police being worried about the traffic was because most drivers couldn't work out that their cars wouldn't make it through a puddle that is above the waist emergency service workers. The driver then needs rescuing on top of all the other problems that they were dealing with. Maybe if you hadn't been stupid enough to go out in your cars in the first place the Police (and others) wouldn't have needed to risk themselves in rescuing you ??

Swindon Resident
No Help Was Provided At All! That was disgraceful enough! all the police worried about was the traffic!!!! ridiculous...

Ros Heit
Any chance in the future of grouping the photos by area. I'm from Australia and wanted to see Salisbury floods. Don't want to scroll through a million.

Amy Sian Brown
I live in osterly way in haydon wick, opposite the manor farm pub. You can see by the photos how badly flooded we were. The kids were in the street on lylo's and in little rubber boats rowing around! It was the craziest weather i have ever seen!

Keith Walker
There was a total lack of coordination in Swindon. The Police would stop the use of one road and say use the next which would be blocked by the fire service. Also, some roads were closed one way, but not the other. We had two days warning about this so why was the Council etc. so unprepared?

madeline wesley
My boyfriend, Ben, was coming over to Spain this weekend to give me my engagement ring (We live in Spain but he is currently working in Oxford). He had a flight booked from Bristol so he set off in his car from Oxford early Friday afternoon...Anyway, to cut a long story short, his car is still (its now Sunday) floating around under Acorn Bridges with several others. The car in front of him, a Metro, got through the flood, but Ben and the rest were swamped by a van and then the waters suddenly rose. He managed to get out with most of his stuff out (including the ring!) - he was already up to his waist, the waters were rising that rapidly and he couldnt find everything under the water - but, in the process dropped his phone in the water. I was sat by the phone in Spain going frantic for what seemed like hours until he managed to get to a phonebox in Shrivenham and use all his coins to phone me, soaked through and not really knowing what to do next, only able to remember two numbers from his phone. I sent him to the pub as this seems to be the best place to go in the UK in a crisis. Ben still can not talk about the generosity of the people of Shrivenham without his voice cracking.Meanwhile, through going through his old phonebills and phoning possible numbers, I managed to contact a friend in Oxford who drove down to Shrivenham in a landrover to fetch him. Ben tells me that there were another 7 strandees looking to camp on the floor of the Barrington Arms when he left.He has managed to get a new phone but the car is still in the water and, from the reports I have heard on BBC Swindon, we don't expect it to be any good when he does get it out - unfortunately the insurance doesn't cover driving into a large puddle. He and his friend are going down today to see if they can get it out - they couldn't get near it yesterday for traffic - mainly because Ben wants to see if there are any other belongings he can salvage. And then obviously he has to buy another car...

more Picture

School Student From Ridgeway!
stuck on a school bus for over 3hours!

james thomas
i got wet at work

Ellen Wood
Maybe now the council will do something about Swindon's drainage system as we still live here using victorian drains. They can not expect to make thos town any bigger without doing providing this. Also where were they and anyone else for the matter yesterday in Upper Stratton where St Philips Road was at least 2 foot under water and homes under 2 foot of water. Not one official came to help!!! DISCRACEFULL!!!!!

Michelle Sherman
A landslide just below the Ridgeway in the Coombs at Hinton Parva, Wiltshire, caused flash flooding through the village, sweeping mud and water down the vally, through the village hall and many houses, water flowed continuously for 3-4hours down into the fields below, tearing up lanes and ditch. Swindon Borough Council are currently proprosing to build 12,000 new homes just East of the A419 and West of the A420 this is where all this water ended up.

My daughter had to travel home from Milton Keynes this Friday afternoon. It took her longer to get home from the outskirts of Swindon than it did from MK to Swindon

You are in: Wiltshire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Your Wiltshire Pictures > In Pix: Wiltshire Floods

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