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20 April 2015

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Wiltshire Solstices

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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2008

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no matter who you are nornal guy or smelly hippy its the mixture of people that make the experiance great.especially the drumming and dancing in side the stones at nightme and my young family had a great time and will be going again next year,

I wasn't present at the stonehenge celebrations because i was in N ireland where I live. I was preparing for my wedding, which I believe is lucky to be married on the summer solstice. I awakened at 4.20am and there was a sunrise on the way. We had a lovely day, with showers in the evening when we were inside. I would love to be at stonehenge at sunrise on the 21st june.

val kay-dunn
Sunrise was invisible! I cannot celebrate people pictures.

Dave g
looks like a load of smelly hippies, dont think i will bother

So sad; keep the druggies and alcoholic exhibitionists out; they know nothing about anything; they are an insult to the essence. I thought the stones looked very 'tired' this year.

i took my two teen daughters 2008, and had a totally amazing night, wotever yr reasons for wanting to be there you will not be dissapointed even with clouds or rain

When is the winter Solstice?

How many people complaining about the litter stayed behinfd to pick some up?

loved it definately back next year

theres me woah im so it KKK !!!!T.I.D !!!

The atmosphere was pretty good i thought. Come on it's better than the 80's. I had a good time, roll on '09

Done it at last! Great vibes and friendly people. No sunshine, but the site has such energy. But why oh why was there soo much litter left behind. Respect the earth, other wise TimeTeam will be diggin up beer cans in 100s of years to come. NO EXCUSE everyone who drove through the gates was given large bags for rubbish, which were often discarded and became rubbish then. Shame on you, You know who you are. Drop one can, and YOU are equally responsible. So MAKE IT AN ALCOHOL FREE SITE. Many places do this to prevent anti-social behavour (well if you have to clear a few can to sit down, yes it is anti-social). Ensure the beauty of Stonehenge, it is a world heritage site dont let it become a world landfill site. We are custodians of our childrens heritage and future. hey maybe make it again next year (if i can afford the fuel, and if we can get any?!!) Respect.

I cant believe you have mot got any pics of the amazing spectacular bulls head followed by fire torches and the most brilliant Kings Drummers...they are there every year near the heelstone at about 2am and bring energy music and a great performance....

The behaviour of the vast majority of people was an absolute disgrace. I am still fuming about what I seen at Solstice 2008. Alot of people were out of their heads on drink and drugs, or a mixture of them both. Just before sunrise, there was a number of people who were collapsed on the ground. Is this what the summer solstice is about? It seems that alot of Brits are incapable of enjoying themselves without drink and drugs. Solstice 2008 was not a celebration of life, it was an intoxicated carnage. I stayed untill the end and tried my best to imagine nobody was there. I am not a prude, I am 27 years of age and I believe if people feel they have to get of their faces they SHOULD NOT do it in a sacred space.

Debbie Tennant
I have been going to the solstice around 5 years now in all my pagan finery, and iv seen it change into a chavalanche of drunk kids falling on me and clambering on the Stone's noticed sick all down one stone. asking if iv any acid?? i managed to get into the middle but pushed back to make way for drunk boob tubes. something needs to be done to stop disrespectful kids

wooo you can see the back of me and my brother in 24 and 25. im the one with a stripey jumper and hes got the green stripey sock on his head, yay it was a great day. i wish more people had picked up their rubbish tho. it was very littered at the end x

Kick It

I completely agree with Jo, I felt cheated that i couldnt get anywhere near the stones as it was covered with drunks and Chavs taking drugs and shouting at eat other, this event has just turned into one big party where everyone is there for the wrong reasons, and whats the catering trailers and floodlights all about???

The Summer Solstice this year was 20th June (Solstice has been 21st June each year for many years, but it's getting earlier over the next few decades). Did these guys all get the wrong day??

solstice 2008 was awesome...hope that woman ok that security ran into..bad driving there ...that was the only negative thing about the experience..such a far cry from 85...took my 13yr old jaz she loved it..everyone there was so excellent sharing all they had...the rubbish for the most part that I saw was loaded into the bags...and hey tis difficult with no recycling areas....fair play to all concerned for allowing us that one auspicious day to celebrate ourselves..rejoice in all however we like..and not be judged...brightest blessings..Diana x

yep tis sarge frm bournemouth lol!our friendly neighbourhood piercer lol!

I agree with Jo, I had some guy asking for drugs and was appalled at the litter afterwards. I took mine to the rubbish bins!However, the energies were amazing. :o)

Jim Saunders
Nice how you managed to not photo any of the Druids.

It's a pity those who turn up because Stonehenge is a sacred site don't value it enough to take their rubbish away with them. Some photos show an appalling amount of litter, doesn't seem very eco-friendly or respectful of the site to me.

carrier of the sun god
people in the centre have honor of those who have gone before us,we must make way for the solar cult to perform annual rites,if we dont,it will be a sad year.every one must tell the powers that be,that we must not enter the stones from the west you should enter from the avenue,prayers should be sent to the ancestors through the west gate,we should never enter the temple from west love to the people

Beth Masters
A wonderful experience, no trouble, all there for one goal. The turnout tells me that the population of Britain are turning away from the constraints of this materialistic society, it shows their displeasure of what is happening in our country today. We want peace and harmony, a return to nature, to simple lives. Stone Henge rocks!

I no this man its Sarge! U FAMOUS NOW

nik beats
dun poke wid stickmerry meet

senita baker
fantastic time, everybody friendly, was with the party who had the gold sun in middle of stone henge in the morning

Eilean Carter
It was a great turn out, so many Lovely people from so many countries.all enjoying the solstice.

Great occasion but too many police.

it was so fantastic with the most powerful energies

I think the solstice was spoiled this year from young chav types thinking it was a drugs and drink fest, I lost count of the young people asking if i had any pills,whats with all the litter too?

You are in: Wiltshire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Wiltshire Solstices > Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2008

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