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29 October 2014

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Wiltshire Solstices

You are in: Wiltshire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Wiltshire Solstices > In Pix: Stonehenge Solstice 07

In Pix: Stonehenge Solstice 07

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If you've got a few pics of the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge (either in or out of focus) we want to see them...

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Be Prepared..

When is the next solstice?? please let me know, ta

More about dressing up and posturing than druidic spirituality.

I have some photos of our Druid camp, are these any good. Also there are some photos of my son and I just before the sun went down and before we left for home!

d & j
really gutted that me and my girl friend dint make it xx

my car broke down on the way to the party my mum ended up picking me up 100miles from home. i so wish i wud of made it i hope you all had fun peace

Where are all the Druids and Pagons?I am a Pagan Druid, if that helps, sorry I don't do fancy dress when walking 120 miles.I am the the Druid standing on the Alter in the centre of the picture with my arm in the air.My son and I walked the South Downs Walk to reach Stonehenge, next year we will walk there and back to the Long Man of Wilmington, in aid of British Wildlife.

I think that summer solstice is more about a piss up and getting high than the real reason that many Pagans and Druids go there for.As for people climbing and standing on the stones it is a disgrace.The "party people" ruin it for the rest.The stones and Druids and Pagan had no space or respect.

Donna Brooke
Druid Ceremony Stonehenge Solstice 2007

Mr David McAleese

Eilean Carter
pictures of myself at solstice and also one of arthur pendragon at summer solstice 07wonderful atmospher. police were wonderful and so were the orgainzers

John Davidson
Id rather be selling some parts for cars.

wheres the pictures of the druids and pagons

u stupid people

You are in: Wiltshire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Wiltshire Solstices > In Pix: Stonehenge Solstice 07

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