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20 April 2015

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McFly at The Oasis gallery
McFly and Lil Chris at The Oasis in Swindon

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If you were at the gig, tell us what you thought of it, or leave a message of love for McFly!
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I went with my mum and sister and brother and we were by the windows round the back and lil chris did a thumbs up to me and waved at my sis! x


cool mcfly are so sweetful omg

I was der he they both rocked!! dey where awesome and lil chris was sooooo hot!!!

that gig was absolutley amazing! mcflyANDlil chris, i was in my own fantasy world just then! .. only ever happened once though that i could have seen:( . they should do the same thing, but go back to newcastle, and bring chris along with them(: x

dougie is the most perfect guy EVER. someday I'll marry him, cause he's gonna discover that he loves me, tks

dougie is the most perfect guy EVER. someday I'll marry him, tks

mcflys official number one fan ever
i didnt go to this tour but i have the tour book frm this tour and i hate girls how think they mcflys number one fan i have totally everything about mcfly n i know everything bout them love them more than other fans do i think about them every single day night ive seen mcfly live loads of time love you zillions mcfly


Star Girl
Ive been to see mcfly 3 times and every time they were amazing theyve also been to my town 3 times (2 for pop to the park and 1 for up close and personal) but i was not here for any of them i am desperate to meet tom hes so HOT AND AMAZING!!! Can anyone help me find an address to write to him at??xx

dougie poynters ex girlfriend
i went out wid dougie he woz so kind bless him

mcfly come to america (to fans) hey if you have seen 'just my luck' they acctually came to my town to film half of the movie but they wouldnt let us in to meet them!

danny and dougie were so cute! OmG

Shannon m
ooooh dougie is a pure babeand sexy too love Shannon m

Shannon in dundee
hiya mcfly you guys are so cool but i am your bestist fan Shannon Millan

McFly come back to swindon please

your fit dougie

i love dougie
i wish i went i met dougie before haha lol bitches

mcfly you guys are the best ever and i love harry and tom

love mcfly! i live in thames ditton but they never come here! lucky my mum drives me and my mates around to brighton,southend and wembley thanks mum!

awwwwwwwww HOT HOT HOT!Gonna see tem in Liverpool this year, it'll be epic♥

mcfly mad maddi
i really really really really really love mcffly they are way better than the word extraordinary i love dougie and i love his PINK guitar It even has lights keep rockin dudes cant wait to see your concert love you loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

you were gay an a wast of time lol only jokin you were awsome like why would i say such a thing about lil cris

mcfly&lil'chris fanatic :)
OMG i wish i cud be at the gigs they are fit and funny the fittest is Dougie tho lol

it was fantastic!!!!!! i cant wait til they come again :D

omg they r all so fit. espesh dougie oh so sexy they are so great i cant live without them !!!!!!!!!

Emma && Chloe
Dougie is sooooooo cute, he'll neva grow up lol, MCFLY ARE AMAZING! plus thr all fit. :P XX

emma tarry!!!!! Please tell me this is the girl from FFL in FLorida USA...I ahve been trying to find you.....I miss you.....please get hold of me

i wasnt there but i wish i was! I looovveee McFly!!xxthey are my fave band 4 sure! love ya danny!!!

dna n doug luver
dat concert waz well kl it waz my b-day as well

mrs leanna jones
Hi dougies cousin hows it going so far when you see dougie agian can you tell him that my m8 kim loves him 2 bits and if you ever see danny with him tell danny that i love him 2 bits speak to u soon frm leanna ps contact me on 07876796835 my mobile ring me are tell danny to ring me if u c him x

emma tarry
i was there it was awesome!!!!!!!! iluv tom so much he is so fit . i luv him so much that i am doing a work prject at school about him!

i love mcfly they rock !!! luvya danny !!!!! xxxxxxx

jake tunmore
mcfly are the best. they are my favourite!!!they were brilliant

Mette (:
When are u guys coming to Denmark? :bWe love u here ;)

gina =]
i love you all sooo much your music is great!! and i exspeacily love danny he is well fit!!! love you soo much! xxxxxxx =]

ive meva been to a gig of mcfly's but ive got most of there albums i love them tho so i stik all thr posters on my tht fit guy danny

shy kim
we are hoping to see tonite so that we can see u lot for oyur selfs n havec a really good tyme wi u n give u a kiss or more info on your bestiest band n i mean that sxy dougie n danny plz email us on c u tonite shy kimi n leanne

amanda hesssion
hey mcfly i just want t say that you guys were fantastic at the gig in april when i told my mates they all got really jellous when i should them the pictures you guys are the best lovely lads ever your the best band in the whole world thanks for a fantastic night at the gig.

lil chris your sweet

kristy jeffery
hey whats up mcfly ..when are you comeing to canada? i love you guys

lala luv's douglas
i went it was great got a great look at dougie nearly fainted when he huged me!!!! love him so much

leanna n shy kim
Hi mcfly just to let you now me n kim are going to see you guys 2 weeks on saturday what song are you most looking forward to singing on the night. the song me n kim are hoping to hear you sing is your new songs are the heart never lies and do'nt wake me up by de sxy danny jones.i've had my hair dieyd with blonde streeks just to impress sxy danny alan david jones c u in 2weeks mcfly. can you plz notice us in the croud look out for 2 girls with a mcfly banner which is made out of tin fiol mcfly rocks in big r u lokin forward to the concert mcfly if so what r u lookin forward to de most from sxy leanna n cute kim!!!!!!!!!!

Big Si
I'm going on Friday - ooooh can't wait!How long were they on stage for?

dougie's cousin
nar really i am dougies cousin 2nd cousin that is... i love him to bits we are the same age and everything we try to keep in touch as much as posable but when i don't reply to his rexts coz i'm out or something he say's he will come down and have my ass like a pitball on crack. jokes he is a great dude ohh i have only been to a couple of his gigs he gets so hypo up there and he got into so much trouble for stripping that time off his mum it was so funny watching him deny it all

I went rto blackpool opera house awsumx

leanna n kim
Hiya guys hows it going sofar and me n kim are going to see you guys in concert 1st december 07 and can you sing to her cos its her on 12th december you guys totally rock our world we will always love you guys 4eva n eva love leanna n kim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxps i love danny and kim loves dougie

he's da best!he's cool. cute. hot. sxy!haha

amber velecky
dougie is the fittest boy ever a boy that cute only comes once in a life time.

Eleanor Lodge
the gig was amazing!mcfly come back to swindon again please. tom you were amazing AND I WANT 2 BE UR STAR GIRL :)thy are all sexy and i want thm 2 come back soon xx

I luv McFly!
I didnt go to that gig but I went to the guides gig and McFly were there and Dougie is soo cute!!!

suzy xx

omg mcfly are like amazing i always see them love them loads and loads

I love them and lil chris they are so cute

ice princess
i love mcfly there the best band that i have ever heard and dougie poynter is the fittest


Mcfly Are Well Gurd x

fred smith
it was boring i fell asleep sad to say =S

Chloe Brown
i love mclfy so much they r the best and so hot!!!!!!!

Heello ;D I'M from Sweden and I Just love McFLY for they are the best band in the whole world!!!! Mcfly

mcfly you are funny and l love you devon 16 devon and catherine best firnday ok 858921 ring me cool

sod mcfly look at lil chris sooooo hawt !!!!!!!! thnx for the hug !!!!

i love lewis 4 ever and ever with all my haret

omg them pics of danny is class

;] omg! i love mcfly!! i love them bacause they are just so different from all the other bands! For school we are designing a web site and im doing it all about MCFLY!

danielle jones
i love... danny and dougie...stay hot guys...u r the best band friend and i live in london, each day we hope to see mcfly on the street.. still hoping... stay sexy... D.J(danielleJONES...ha)...woohoo..

amy holmes
i love mcfly, they are like the best band ever and omg they are sooooo hot!!!loved the concert... ever since me and my best friend moved to england, i was like obsessed with dougie and danny... amy holmes..luv ya!!!

hey unfortunately I wasnßt at the gig...:(well I haven`t been to any of their gigs ....but its because I live in berlin...:(but mcfly : you`re the best!!!! come to berlin! please,please mcfly please


I haven't been to that gig but to the milton keynes gig on 22nd of July, but i luv these guys so much, i can't even ascribe how i feel about them, just great guys, so talented, i hope they come to Holland one day and proove Holland wrong!;D In Holland they kinda suck sometimes with there music, actually mostly R n'B and Hip Hop, then Blink 182, McFLY, SOD or Little Chris. So if the guys are reading this please come to Holland and so your Music scills To the Dutch people!! hehe well, if not doens't matter i wish you then good luck even more with your tours, albums. singles and etc.!! Good luck boys!!WE FANS ARE BEHIND YOU AND WISHING YOU ALL GOOD LUCK!! (btw i am not dutch if ya think lool tehe) well Bye!! lots of love Marieke xx

Jenny hackett
mcfly were amazin!!! i met them!! hahaxxx

McFly is the best i luv them coz they r different they dont really care what people think about them so they r great¡¡!! they r the best¡¡!!i luv McFly(L):):)

emm dorans
danny is the cutis guy love you danny jones yes yes

i went to see mcfly at the scee in glassgow for my birth day

im from n.irelandand i waz pure ragin cos mcfly didnt come here on the tour! :-(we're from the Uk aswell!but ill live!

Phoebe xoxo
Lil'Chris i vrealy lov u!!!!!!!!!!will u plz come to Cork please please please.i like ur shorts they are cute!!NR.1 FAN Phoebe lovs ya

it was absaloutley amzing when i saw them omg dougie is so sexy its unbeliveable!!

it was absaloutley amzing when i saw them omg dougie is so sexy its unbeliveable!!

I went to Sheffield at the Motion In The Ocean Tour, and it blew me away. I was sat on the third row, and was stood right below Dougie. Danny pointed at me, and it made my day. No, It made my life! I'm going to see them at Hove cricket ground. Lucky me! Happy Birthday for today, Tom! (Posted on the 17th July!)

I think they rock my odd socks. I am sooo in love with Danny! My mum said that you can't be in love with someone you haven't met, but bull sh*t to that!

hello every one !! i really like mcfly but i prefer lil chris because he has nice eyes ! he is abit old for me tho :(

mrs harry
dont no wa harry's surname is bu i still his number 1 fan :D gig was absoloutly mazin ... thnx to dougie.. he winked at me :D:D:D:D:D ... danny smiled at me and i was right infront of tom so i lost count of how many times he looked at me !! GO MCFLY.. U ROCK THE WORLD !!

dougie is soo fit * specially in pik 36 ***hot hot hot ***

mrs jones
heloohah!! i luv danny soo much ... he's really nice .. i've only met him once but he was really kind to me ... so was dougie and the others but ... we love danny xxxxx

happy fann!!
Heya annoyed fan!! yes there are piks of lil chris .. they're'z loads!! Dw i a big fan 2...i luv mcfly soo much more tho :P soz

u totally rock guys...xxxx I wasn't at that concert but i went to a signing thing in cardiff a few months ago ..that was fab!!!!!

wow!!!I'm from Spain and i think they'r perfect...i love them too much!!kisses

amy greening
omg they were the best iv seen ever luv u so much mcfly

I saw 'em and I think they ROCKED!!! I'm one of their no.1 best fans! I'm actually in one of the pictures above!Me mates r sooo jealous I got 2 see both!from Soph.xx

My Love 4 *Lil Chris* Is Unbelieveableee =))Love Him.....x

an annoyed fan
the page said there were pics of lil chris but there aint any!


mcfky are great i luv em!!! They r the best and so is little Chris. i luv 'em both! Luv From me

maria & bianca
mcfly were amazinggg!!!bring them back to swindon soon.we love dougie & tom

i absouletly LOVED it i had the best time ever! hope i see them soon

er u can shut up cause i have seen dougie and tlked 2 him and i gt his number frm danny jones cause danny jones is my sistas boyfrend :)

love u
i love mcfly they are the best i am going to the next gig in september loli love all of them they are all hot and i would love to meet them

lays farias :D
i'm a brasilian fan, and i love mcfly so much, because they have great musics and sing very good. (:

cnt wait til december wen i c mcfly at wembley wll b cheerin 4 danny all da way!!From Mcflys biggest fans eva

Oiiieeeaa queremos o Mcfly aqui no Brasil,por favor!!!Beijokas

I'm from brazil ^^ Mcfly Perfect ^^ I love you Danny !!! this amazing ...

Karen Dantas [Brazil]
Amazing!!!!!!!!!! *-*Picture 32 ... perfect ;DxxMcPoyntão

McFly… Danny, Dougie, Tom and Harry They are knowing of that here in your's Brazil it has much fans and that all we love well your's… that your's they could come pra here?! ;]

was their music video for babys coming back made at the Oasis because they're wearing the same clothes and everything. It really looks like it.!!!

Rachel Buchanan
I was in the front row and it was really, really good! I definetly liked the Barbie guitar! Rach

kirsty williamson
hi dougie we all u i am coming to see u soon i cant wait any longer

hays guys. i didnt seen mcfly at a gig, never had done in my life. just to say hello to mcfly adn hope to see them soon i hope. all my love to mcfly. rachxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Front row Tom's side. Was amazing tbh :]Touched Tom twice and Danny.Grabbed Harry and nearly pulled him off the stage tehe.

i (l) dougie poynter
hey peeps i love dougie more dan any 1 (face da facts)

Laura Ryrie
Totally loved the show! It was well worth comming down from Orkney to see it! definatly going to go and see them again on their next tour! xxxxxxxx

thomas eatwell
im mcflys biggest fan ever n i love dem all so so much. n can i have the fit girls number she is the 1 on the far left standing up in the black tshirt, cus u r so fine xxxx

I didn't get to see them this time but heard the concert was brilliant. hope they come back to Swindon to play again

Me and two friends came all the way from Sweden to see this gig, and it was absolutely amazing! I'm gonna see them again on May 4th, can't wait! It's always worth the trip to see these guys, they're just the best.

Katie Number 1 fan
I love mcfly more than anyone on this page lol. Tom is the most sexy hot body i have ever seen in my life!

mcfly girl
yo i just LUUURVE ur songs. keep up da gd work. i would like 2 say hi 2 da 4 of tou. i m ur biggest fan EVVVA!!!!. Y"ALL R F*****G HOTT. FROM UR SEXIEST FAN(LOL)

Hey ! Mcfly Was The Best Concert Ever !! I Loved Dougies Barbie Guitar It Was So Cool ! And Danny Looked Good As Usaul :) Also Lil Chris Started The Show Brilliantly ! Funniest Was When Laura Sceramed In Dave From Son Of Dorks Face !!! I Cant Wait Till There Next Tour !!Picture 3 !xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chloe & Polly
it was realy good and enjoyed the night they are the best love them all wish we could go againxx

i wasnt at the swindon 1 but i was at the oxford 1 it was well gd if they cum bk 2 swindon (which they will, hopefully) i am so going 2 get tickets. lil chris was well gd as well me and mates dint know that he was going 2 be there it was like a 2 in 1 lol dougie rocked!!!!!

OMG they was amazin!!Ninaxxx

yay!! mcfly was awesome!! im in picture 6! lol! add me on myspace if u were there was crazy!! still not recovered yetcant wait till tour at the end of this year!!=]ly xxxxxxxxxxxxx

mcfly were amazin i would love for them to come down again. i woulds do anything to see them again lil chris was ledgendry too.!!!!!i love dougie an i want is barbie giter it o cool.

Picture 7 :D

I love mcfly so much! They rok my socks off! I love Dougie the most coz he is SOO HOT!!! PLZ COME BAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxp.s: dougie i want your barbe gitar so that i can rok round my room playing mcflyon it!!!!!!

totally fandabadozy!! it was amazing..lil chris was a really good warm up..but mcfly rocked my socks!dougie looked sooo hot...wish i was closer:P

I loved tha dig Dougie looked soo hot :D and so did lil chris but not as much! cant wait til i go to see them on the arena tour!! I LOVE MCFLY xo xo xo

picture 6safe gig

Gahaha.Yesterday was the funniest night of my life.The kids infront of us where leg-ends. & McFly where the best, of course. :]]Come Back Soon, pleaseeeee.xxxx

Heyy Theres Mee.. =DThat was An Amazing Night Best Night Ever :)Danny You Was Amazing Best Person Too See Live McFly Your Awsomee x Please Come To Swindon / Near There Again Would Mean The World Too Me=D Thankyou For A Wonderful Night Guys x x & Danny Nice too Let Me Touch Your Guitar ...x THANKYOU x x x x x x x Love Jody

the gig was amazing!mcfly come back to swindon again!!!!xx

So where am I then?

It was AMAZING!100 time better than the Oxford one :]I looved Lil Chris before this too! And now I love him mooore!Seen mcfly 6 times now but the Swindon gig was defo the best

Megan P
i wasnt at this gig, i was i Poole but they were absoultely BRILLIANT!!!! i loved them there and anywhere!!!

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