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20 April 2015

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Big Weekend

You are in: Wiltshire > Big Weekend > JLS at Nova Hreod School in Swindon

JLS at Nova Hreod School in Swindon

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trina carey
ooh i love them soooo much !! aston is i'll tap you anyday baby ;)

come back that was sopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coool

gg jr
come bk

jls rock aston is so fit i would love to take him home blue 4 ever aston x

Woop ... Saw them there :)

Mizzis L Humes
Mwahaa lurv JLS they rock i wish they could come to my school :)

aston is so cute love u JLS THE BEST 4 EVA lovu all boyzz

i love aston out of jls , they are all fit ! lol

ashley ndoro
I what jls to come to brammingham primary schoolin year 2

Jordan Louise Robinson
Jls are sooooo fit!!!!!!!

omgg ioveeyaa :) to bitss xxxx cum back to aree schooll plZZZZ xx ;) that day i want forgett neverr

amy lou
jls are the best thay are so fit and they rock lol i wish they was my brothers xxx

abbie matthews
jl omg they are soo the best i love them they are fit love you xxxx

amy debling
jls are the best they are so fit and i love them yum yum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i love jls but my mostly is aston his my babes :) love him to peeces

no.1 fan and student
It was a great idea and at the same time AMAZING.mayby it should be done more often.I was in yr 7 me and my friends couldn't belive hat was happening xxxx

helen gray
jls was gd im in love with marwin but im a les!

cool baby aston

my love jls i realy love aston

Abigail Warren
Ommmg That was An Amazing Dayy, Ouuft Aston Merrgold :P Yum


he was at my skool

ooo fitty v

it was well good plz came bk to i skool we lovvee uu lotss

gabrielle blench
i love jls i think they are so kool and they should always be number 1 and i love them so muchxxxxxxxxand i wish i could see asto nerrygold because he is so fit

gabrielle blench
i love jls i think they are so kool and they should always be number 1 and i love them so muvh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

stephanie blench
i think the boys are really good looking and they should always be no.1

stephanie blench
i think the boys are really good looking and they should always be no.1

go aston he is the best and how much money is it to get them to come to our school

Andrea Robinson
hi youguys rook i love your song every one in love. I have hade that song stuk in my head for 2 weeks

go aston !!!!!!! aston your hot and cute!!!


caroline callaghan
we love you jls :)

OMG yous are soooooo lucky , i would pay anything for them to come to my school !!!!!:) I propa LOVE Jls i am going to see them on February 3rd and I cant wait ! They are amazing and personally i think they are the best boyband out there !x

ruqiya hassan
jls are the best and will oyu come to our school and

I really enjoyed my day when jls and ironik came to our school it was such a good surprise. I think we should actually do this event sometime in the future.

aston come to my school

i will come and enjoy

sharlene odonovan
every time i look at aston MY HEART WON'T BEAT AGAIN WONT BEAT AGAIN I' ILLIN MEE lovee u aston and marvin and oritse and jb ur all fit i know all the words to beat again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I think jls are awesome, and i cant wait til their debut album comes out so i can add it to my christmas list!

i love Jls... soo crazyy bwt them especially marvin... he soo cute.. but aston voice melts in my hard.. love u guys loads xxxxxxxxx

i like your song jls BEAT AGAIN

peter 13
connor smith what the hell/ but it was very good

wow that was good

charlotte mccoll
I was acctually there so nahnah naah naah nah

hiya i love u jls xx

i wish they came to our school coz i lurv them. probably the biggest fan out of our school

hannah merideth
aston aint even fit just an amazing singer and he is my baby not yours love you aston xxxxxxxxxx

that was well cool. emily says hi aston !!!!

lauren jade loves aston merrygold
i think aston is r8 fit i wud hve him any day xx if u luk on this website add me love you aston xx

ashton u r sooooooooooooooosexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

still cant get over the fact that aston was at my school :) ly xxx

Yeh they were so awesome so glad jls n dj ironic came to our school so gd!!!!

OMG they is lush i cant belive they came to me skool

kirsty smethursty
ih baby love you sooooo much

nathaniel symonds
it was awsome cause i go to hread and i was there

evie speck
amazing baby wanted to snog the hell out of them so much xxxxxx

Hayley Innes
OMG!!! That Day Was absoulutley amazing. Aston is Sooo Cute It was Amazing Thought i was going 2 faint lol

Jemma Tollafield
Even Though This Was Ages Ago Now I Still Cant Get Over It..They Are Amazing(Y)

ashton iss sooo fitt

shannon woolford
i loved your dance

Bethh!! 14
Omg i have to say a HUGE thanks to JLS for agreeing to come to Nova Hreod. The atmosphere was amazing.I love you all so much!!You were absolutley amazing! i was on the news too!! love you Aston!! xx

it was brilliant i luv jls so much thanx xxx

Tbh it was just awesome=)

Nina Lunkham
Wow, JLS came to our school! They are all SUPER FIT and AMAZING singers, LOVE YOU ASTON!

love all dese pics i didnt no jls were gana b there i love dem soo muchhh :) x

Aww I So Want JLS To Come To My School! (: .. I Love Them Soo Much .. To Everyone Who Saw Them In Swindon - You Are SO Lucky!

georgia buxton
im not a pupil at the skwl but i heard about it n it sounded awsome!!!big shout out to ma m8 matteh hu is a student at the skwl n hu told me about it. oh n btw the pictures are amazing!!!!!!!

hannaah :)
im actually in love with aston merrygold, they all amazing singers thou :) xxe

wow jls r so fit

Mollly Cleeton

i wish JLS would come and perform at my school. I would love because i love them especially aston and it would a great thing if they perfromed for us after i had done my exams. I LOVE JLS xxx (:

elisha gorton
i thought it was absolutely brilliant i thought it was a joke when i first heard about it

Ahh it was good fun!!- way better than IT lol, Bless Ms. Broadbent for facediving the custard, only her!!

Jaz And Emma, Whoo!
We were there! Yay! It was sooo cool! We could have been doing Maths/Science, but screaming and dancing to DJ Ironik and JLS was sooooo much better! Plus, we both got the presenters' autographs, and Emma got JLS' autograph! Lucky!!

Kayleigh S
I was there it was absoulutely amazing I loved it apart from the fact we all gt pushed and pulled but ironic and jls were great! It was a gr8 surprise!

staff member
This was the best exoperience for the students and they responded by making all of us proud. Their behaviour was brilliant and the atmosphere was AWESOME!!!

The kids were all great. There was no danger to any kids because there were teachers in the front row

Hannah Jones :)
Its was amazing!Loved every minute! :)

Emily Whetham
Watching JLS and Ironik was AWESOME, but I agree with Tan, it was so dangerous. Loads of little kids got trampled.x

chloe 11
jls and ironik was awesome will they ever come 2 my skool again? i hope they do!!! xx

leanne wakenshaw
we had no idea that jls and ironik was coming to our skool but it was an amazing surprise it was such a good day .....x

bill gates
hey very good very good indeed internet for life

very good singers ironic and JLS all look good.and the bsongs JLS choose were brilliant

megan strange
i missed it!!!!!!!!!im so upset,i wish that they give us some more notice first!

becky a
omg how brilliant was that day!!!!! we r so luky xx

i am a pupil at nova hreod but on the day dj ironic and jls were at my skwl i wasnt there im reli gutted heard and seen lots of videos and pics and it looked realy good :-(

dean lingard
i liked the back flip yester day at school

Name witheld
thats my schoool!!!they were fab, 1 did a backflip

Tazmin :)
Omg i was so surprised . it was brilliant got to get out of re seeing ironik and jls was amazing .. and i was on telly wayyyy .... they should cum bkk for our year 11 leaving assmeberly xx

As a teacher at the school I would like to point out that none of the parents were present! The students behaviour was outstanding. They were a credit to the school and had a brilliant day.Provision was indeed provided for students who found the crowd intimidating. It is very sad that negative comments reflect badly on what was an incredible day for a group of young people who really deserved the treat. I am very proud of them!!!!!!!

omg it was actually amasing jls are so fit cant beleive they came to our school !!:)

watching jls and dj ironic was brilliant that day no one knew it was going to happen until we all had to go to the atrium:L it was amazing!!x

No only did they go wild but some ofthe younger children were hurt. The school did notmake proper provisions for the reaction of the children, the crowd was out of control. I am a parent of one of the chidren.

connor smith
this was briliant i wish wee could do it agin they were good i still have to pinch my self now that ironik and jls were at are school

matthew knotts
it was brilliant and i was on tele woooop !!!!

Jade Stevens
I'm 12 years old and i am a pupil in year 7 at nova hreod and it was amazing. Ironik is soooo fit and j.l.s are my oneof my favourite bands along with n.dubz. I thought the whole experiance was immense and aston merrygold winked and waved at me i swear down!!! xx

louise ferris
i seen this today ,as i go to nova hreod . it was awsome . we just did not expect radio one to come to our school . we are all so lucky .

You are in: Wiltshire > Big Weekend > JLS at Nova Hreod School in Swindon

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